There are so many ways to remind those we love that we’re thinking of them, and as we head into Valentine month, we’re right there with you wishing we could teleport a faraway best friend for some in-person quality time.

While such technology is just out of reach, the second best waits right at our fingertips. How often do we notice a reason why we appreciate or admire a friend, but keep the thought to ourselves? Whether we think it something obvious, already articulated or silly to share, we want to encourage you to simply share it. 

We’ll be diving into this topic more in our upcoming Issue 23, but for now we’re making it easy for you to use social media as a mini-transportation device, saying in word what you’d no doubt say in person to a BFF.

Below is an example of one of the compliment cards you’ll find on our Instagram @darling today (sourced from real-life quotes sent in by other Darling readers). Repost this image and tag a friend in the line at the top left to get involved with the #DarlingYou movement.

Because sometimes, the littlest things really do say the most.
Compliment via @karliepickett

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