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It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means Holiday Party Season is upon us.

While we love a good party, we don’t like being stressed about what to wear. That’s where our game plan comes in. Kat has some great tips for staying true to her own style and staying comfortable in the city, and Em has some ideas on dressing up her baby bump this holiday season. So no matter what season of life you’re in, we’ve got you covered.

From Kat, our City Girl:

What will I be wearing this season? A chic BHLDN black rompera.k.a the most comfortable thing I own.

Here are three reasons why a fancy romper might be your new best friend this holiday season:

bhldn romper

1. You can just grab it and go.

One of my best friends gets frustrated when she asks my opinion on what jewelry to wear with an outfit and I tell her that I don’t know. It’s not that I don’t care; it’s just that I don’t really think about it. I used to wear a lot of jewelry and try to incorporate mixed patterns. Some of my friends pull it off — their outfits are incredible. But for me, it feels exhausting.

Over time, I’ve given myself permission to embrace what I’m naturally drawn to.  Slowly my style is starting to feel more and more like me. The pieces I really love are the ones I can throw on, feel good in, and goRompers are like that for me.  When thinking of what to wear to a holiday party; it is an easy decision for me to grab a fitted romper. It fits well, there’s no fuss, and the ruffles are the statement so I don’t need to worry too much about accessorizing.

2. You don’t always want to wear a dress.

I love being a woman. But that doesn’t mean I limit my wardrobe to flowy dresses. There’s something chic about seeing a woman in jeans and a men’s oxford shirt. If your go-to is a dress, maybe step out of your comfort zone and find a great tailored suit. It’s challenging to consider how to make something masculine feel feminine.

black romper details

Take this romper, which has a masculine silhouette. But what makes it feminine is the cut, the ruffled top, and the tiny details I added with my red lipstick and green earrings.  They’re small things that could perhaps go unnoticed. But that’s the beauty of femininity.

How feminine the understated details can feel.

3. You need to be comfortable.

Gone are the days where I want to be mid-party in silent anguish because my spanx are cutting off my circulation, or my shoes are digging into my toes. Maybe this means I’m getting old. I’m less inclined to compromise comfort for the sake of fashion. I also noticed that when I’m uncomfortable in what I’m wearing, I’m distracted. How can I be present when all I can think about is how my zipper is digging into my side?

When I’m not concerned about how I look, or worried about having a wardrobe malfunction, I have much more space to invest wholeheartedly in my conversations. It’s not a good feeling when you’re talking to someone who is half-heartedly listening. I don’t want to make others feel less than. And if that means shorter heels and more comfortable clothes, then bring it on!

When I’m not concerned about how I look, or worried about having a wardrobe malfunction, I have much more space to invest wholeheartedly in my conversations.

ball gown

Some of us have may need some special advice this holiday season, like Em, the other half of The Refined Woman, who is pregnant (Yay!) but who needs some serious strategizing on getting dressed up this year.

From Em, our West Coast Mama:

What will I be wearing this year? While I occasionally like something super-fitted to show off my pregnancy, this year I’m going BIG with a ball gown. The cool thing is that with all that volume built into the dress, the bump fits underneath nicely and I can wear it again when I’m not pregnant

Here are three more reasons why a statement dress might totally work for you:

ball gown style

1. You need a break from all those neutrals.

My everyday wardrobe includes many shades of white, cream, grey and denim…but once the holidays roll around I like to play with color and texture and take a break from my normal minimalism.

In seasons past I have tended toward an all black look, sometimes accentuated by red lipstick and a sequined holiday vest. Since becoming a mom I don’t have as many opportunities to dress up (code for: I spend all day in sweatpants). A holiday party is an opportunity to really go for it, style wise.

A holiday party is an opportunity to really go for it, style wise.

2. You want to boost your spirits.

ball gown and heels can really make you feel special, and sometimes, you really need it. This is my second pregnancy and it’s been a lot rougher on me physically and mentally, so this holiday season I am going to take the opportunity to pamper myself, wear a fancy dress, and enjoy a break from my normal routine… and you know, let the compliments roll right in.

mama ball gown

3. You like to keep it simple, too.

The best part about a big statement gown is that you don’t need much else to go with it. All eyes will be on your dress, so you can use whatever neutral heel or flat you have lying around and you don’t need much jewelry, either. The other great thing about a really fancy dress is that you can dress it down with a jean jacket, and you don’t need to worry about a coordinating fancy coat.

In a lot of ways a ball gown is like a one stop shop! And as a busy mom, I need all the simplicity I can get these days.

Do you have a holiday party go-to outfit?

Images via Johannes Oberman


  1. Great Suggestions! Although as a mom and minimalist I don’t feel like I would wear a romper or ball gown to a holiday party, but maybe thats just bc I’m not a trendy fashionista. I don’t think you can go wrong with Lace. My go to is a quarter sleeve black lace top, pair it with heels, or boots, or flats.

    1. So true. I have a romper addiction and I definitely hate having to deal with that part. But I can’t seem to help myself.

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