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Being a fashion blogger in no way means I’m immune to wardrobe ruts. In fact, every season I find that there’s a period of time when I’m uninspired and aimlessly gravitate toward the same five clothing pieces. So, I’ve developed a system to refresh my closet and create dynamic outfits without spending a dime.

Today it’s all about simple tips and tricks to triple your wardrobe (while not adding a single thing):

One: Take an Inventory

Let’s put it this way: spring cleaning isn’t just for spring. Once a season it’s ideal to take an inventory of clothing and find out what’s been hiding in the back shelves. Even after only a few months, it’s easy to forget about certain articles and therefore never give them a thought when getting dressed.

If we’re getting really particular, go category by category from outerwear all the way down to underwear.

triple winter wardrobe

Two: Cleanse + Donate

Now it’s time to clear the bedroom floor, dump out the drawers, and dig in. Separate the ‘definitely nots’ from the ‘maybes’ and the ‘for sure keepings.’ And don’t shy away from being strict with yourself. It’s better to have space in your closet than racks stuffed with never-to-be-worn-again items.

Immediately put the giveaways into bags and set yourself a time to drop them by the nearest donation center. With the ‘maybes’ it’s best to sleep on them for a night. Give yourself a day to not feel overwhelmed or make snap decisions on everything. Then, either add them to the keeping or discard piles the following morning.

It’s better to have space in your closet than racks stuffed with never-to-be-worn-again items.

Three: Keep It Visible

We’ve officially narrowed things down to the ‘keepers’ of the closet. But shoving everything back to where they came from won’t solve our wardrobe rut. So here’s where a bit of creativity and interior design enters the scene.

Finding a way to display a small collection of items will offer daily inspiration as well as remind us of what we’ve recently unpacked/rediscovered. These are a few options for stunning DIY garment racks that your closet will thank you for.

Four: Rotate

The final step in keeping a wardrobe fresh and tripling the options from which we choose is to rotate our displayed selection. Set a phone reminder for every couple of weeks to revamp the items hanging on the newly appointed garment rack. That way, you’ve got a constant stream of clothing for mix-and-match or layering situations. And, if you ever feel stuck at this point, a quick Pinterest scroll for inspiration never hurts.

Do you have any other tips + tricks for keeping your wardrobe fresh with the changing seasons?

Images by Alex Ry; via Monica Friese



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