A picture of painted buildings in Europe

To me,
You are rolling mountains,
Warm and kind colored skies,
Falling into rosy sunsets.

You are gentle breezes,
Greeting me with kisses.
You are deep seaside breaths,

Easy joy,
And laughter rolling,
From the depths of my chest.

You are the setting of the sun,
On my hardest of days.

And the horizon of new hope—
The sweet unfolding way,
Of all my brand new mercy days.

And even in the heart of chaos,
In the presence of unrest,
Before the face of my greatest giants,

You take me back,
Every time,
To set my eyes on sunsets,
And the promise of brand new days.

To me,
You are perfect blends,
And cups overflowing,
Of every single,
Sweet, good thing.

Image via Kara Alden

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