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We’re gearing up for the gifting season and love looking for inventive (and, let’s face it, stress-less!) ways to show our love for those we hold dear. While Shutterfly has been our go-to in the past for printing epic vacation photos, memories from times abroad, and cementing important life milestones, we recently learned that they now make gifting those one-of-a-kind keepsakes even simpler through the use of their new Art Library. No uploading or extra thought required.

Available on their site, the library is preloaded with hundreds of free travel photographs, art images, patterns, quotes — you name it — for you to easily customize any number of gifts. So, in addition to stocking up on cards and calendars this holiday season, we’ve put together a Darling “Persona-Approved” gift guide to use while shopping Shutterfly’s products. Read on below to see what we picked!

A Personas Guide to Gifting with Shutterfly | DARLING | Photo by Morgan Ashley Photography

For The Stylist | Watercolor Catch-All Tray

Beautifully minimal, this is the perfect place for the fashionista in your life to store her delicate rings, earrings and whatever else she needs on a whim. On top of a dresser or next to the bed, we love how the faint, abstract design appears to dance off the glass; form meets function to create something lovely.

For The Hostess | Gingerbread Man Plate

Have a cookie monster in your life? This adorable plate would be the perfect present for your best friend’s kids, the toddler that you nanny, or anyone, really, who could use a little extra jolly this time of year. Gift it while stacked high with homemade cookies, of course.

For The Intellectual | Record Player Puzzle

Don’t be fooled. This puzzle is actually hard! With dark shapes and ambiguous lines, this record player puzzle is an easy way to keep the deep thinker in your life contemplating her next move.

A Personas Guide to Gifting with Shutterfly | DARLING | Photo by Morgan Ashley Photography

For The Dreamer | Vintage Cloud Print Pillow

Can it get more dreamy than this serene scene? Not only were we surprised at the fabric’s printing quality, but this pillow’s material feels super soft with just the right amount of squish. It’s great for providing an extra bit of whimsy to the most neutral of spaces… and, needless to say, excellent for napping.

For The Beautician | Framed Dandelion Print

For the one who finds beauty in everything, we love this simply framed print. It’s perfect for a powder room or situated with a collection of perfumes on a vanity. Dandelions are often seen yet rarely appreciated, so we chose this image as a gentle reminder to take that extra second to notice the small (which are really the big) things.

For The Confidant | Watercolor Woven Blanket

When you hear the words “printed blanket,” chances are you’re probably thinking of an embarrassing baby photo that adorns your grandmother’s guest bed. These are not those blankets, but instead woven works of art that you can customize in any number of ways, thanks to the Art Library. We selected an abstract, colorful image that translated beautifully when woven and would make any heartfelt conversation or movie marathon with your BFF that much fancier. (And, check out how well it matches the pillow? A happy accident, indeed.)

A Personas Guide to Gifting with Shutterfly | DARLING | Photo by Morgan Ashley Photography

For The Explorer | Luggage Tag

Adventure awaits any explorer — as do practical needs — which why we appreciate the blend of both with this simple luggage tag. Customize the address printed on the back (as well as the image on the front) for that friend whose constant companion is her carry-on.

A Personas Guide to Gifting with Shutterfly | DARLING | Photo by Morgan Ashley Photography

For The Achiever | Mousepad

Simple, yes. Cheesy? Maybe. But we think a reminder of “love” is always necessary in the digital age. This mousepad subtly displays that little word we can always use more of, and for the girl aiming to change the world, we think this mindset will carry her far.

How do you like to simplify the gifting process?

Images by Morgan Ashley Photography;, Couch c/o Cisco Brothers


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