A picture of a road through a plains with mountains in the background

The Adventure of Being Here

Oh, how I long to travel
the countryside of France,
take a stroll along
the Great Wall of China,
and in Seville, learn how to dance.

This life that has so much to give.
Let me see and take it all in!

But first, help me to find presence
for the life each day that I live.

The grand adventures of life
are like sprinkles on an ice cream cone.

At the core, there’s something sweeter—
the journey of finding a home.

This world has so much to teach me:

in love
in strength
and in fear.

But the mistruth lies in the idea
that I must find myself out there.

At the end of the day, we’re all searching
for a place that we can belong

in our bodies
at a table
in a city

We’re all misplaced vagabonds.

A place to put our feet up
surrounded by people we love

I’ll travel the world someday,
but right here, right now is enough.

Image via Colleen Young

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