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Redecorating around this time of year can be tricky, and usually when we desire those cozy times at home the most. Yet, as we dash out the door from one event to the next, so does extra sleep, and taking the time to rest can inch ever nearer the bottom of our to-do lists.

So when Darling’s EIC Sarah Dubbeldam was on the hunt for a new mattress, the last thing she expected was to find a company like eve. Currently making its debut in the US from the UK, eve was founded by four friends seeking to reinvent the whole mattress buying process — taking it from something time-consuming and (typically) overwhelming to something fun, encouraging, and, best of all, easy!

Why does eve get our vote for the best way to a better night’s sleep? 

1. Online ordering!

Forget spending the day at a flourescently-lit mattress depot, eve brings the mattress to you. As easily as you’d buy a pair of shoes, after a few clicks your mattress is on its way! No need to wrestle up some friends or strategically squeeze this puppy through an open window. Your king-sized mattress arrives, safely packaged, straight to your doorstep.

Resting Easy with eve | DARLINGResting Easy with eve | DARLING

2. Cheery, modern branding.

From the moment you open your box (or, in our case, tear into it …) you’re greeted with eve’s staple bright yellow packaging and encouraging, sometimes even hilarious, quotes. Imagine that you have a cheeky, British friend who is incredibly in-tune with your needs and decided to send you a care package from across the pond. That’s what it feels like as you unroll this bed to find hidden notes and sayings, welcoming you to the family of the well-rested and design-savvy.

Resting Easy with eve | DARLINGResting Easy with eve | DARLINGResting Easy with eve | DARLING

3. Comfort. Comfort. Comfort.

This bed would mean nothing if it wasn’t comfortable. Which is why we’re glad to say that it is! After situating the mattress on a frame, within four to six hours the bed self-plumps to provide equal parts comfort and pressure to relieve joints and aid in relaxation. Made of a latex top layer (great for staying cool) eve not only delivers, literally , but ensures a better night’s sleep, no matter how often your schedule might allow for one.

Resting Easy with eve | DARLINGResting Easy with eve | DARLINGResting Easy with eve | DARLING

Even if you can’t plan to decorate every corner in your home this season, prioritizing where you spend your “you” time can do wonders for a body and mind reset. Though your mattress might be hidden, it can still provide a reason to get that new throw pillow you’ve been eyeing, or to change up the artwork you have hanging above the bed.

A little can go a long way — especially when you’re well-rested enough to appreciate it.

Happy Dreaming! And don’t forget to enter your email over here to get $100 off an eve of your own!

Images via Nicole Ziza Bauer

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