Anything light, airy, fresh, and inspiring. It seems as if our current favorites are mirroring the season this month, because that’s what we’ve been surrounding ourselves with and are excited to share with you now, too! Below we’re rounding up several products that would make perfect additions to a bridal shower, graduation or a birthday gift.

… and we’ll look the other way if you throw in a few extra for yourself:

Products We Love | DARLING | Photo by Milena Mallory

Elephant Sweatshirt / Barmy Dog
Why we love it: In addition to carrying some of softest tees and sweatshirts known to man (seriously, we’re talking never-take-them-off-soft), this UK-based apparel company has specifically dedicated one product line to support The David Sheldrick Wildlife TrustEach item sold from The Born To Live brand will see a portion of proceeds go specifically to DSWT, which creates a safe haven for abandoned and endangered African elephants and black rhinos.
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Shampoo + Conditioner / Mermaid Perfume
Why we love it: The packaging alone is what first grabbed our attention; with summer right around the corner, who wouldn’t want locks akin to Ariel herself? But then once we tried it, we were even more head-over-heels, relishing in the tropical garden scent and the fact that both shampoo and conditioner are sulfate and animal-testing free.
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Tilly Perfume / By Rosie Jane
Why we love it: When hot weather hits the last thing you want is a heavy, overwhelming anything. This Tilly scent is the perfect mixture of pineapple, grapefruit and gardenia to capitalize on all things sunshine without being the least bit sticky-sweet. We have our eyes on their candle, next.
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Coconut Exfoliator Scrub / 100% Pure
Why we love it: This company prides itself on creating products that are exactly what they say they are: 100% pure and free of anything artificial, synthetic or toxic. We can’t champion that enough. This scrub is perfect for taking off the layers of the day, while adding back in rich antioxidants and vitamins. Be sure to check out their makeup, too. (We love their coffee bean caffeine eye cream.)
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Zera Tray / Local + Lejos
Why we love it: Handcrafted in Rwanda by the Abizeranye Association, each Zera tray sold enables the artisan to add a chicken and a rabbit to her farm. We love the minimal yet colorful look of the tray; it’s almost too beautiful to fill. Yet, because of that we love how you can use it anywhere from storing fruit on a dining room table to hanging in a hall or entryway as art. Local + Lejos also carries pillows, accessories, and other home decor items too, supporting their mission of using faraway goods for a community-building purpose.
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Image via Milena Mallory

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