Behold: we are standing at the gates of summertime! Sun melting upon your face, seeping feel-good vibes into your veins, deadening the harsh winter to mere memories. With such vitality upon us, one must come prepared with the proper tuneage in the event you end up kicking it poolside, fireside, by the seaside, all things outside or any side really, because … summer that’s why!

Fear not, though, for we’ve got you covered like SPF. Here’s a sweet little playlist of crisp newbies to kick off your sandals and sink your toes in the sand to. Ready, steady, go:

Image via Taylr Anne


  1. Amazing playlist, fresh and shiny, perfect for summer (even more when it’s raining outside…!) Thanks!

  2. This is a great playlist! I would recommend giving Adam Green and Binki Shapiro’s album a listen 🙂

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