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“…we no longer have to say, ‘The deeper your faith, the more you will be at odds with others!’ To the contrary, we must say, ‘The deeper your faith, the more you will live in harmony with others!’ A deep faith no longer leads to clashes; it fosters peaceful coexistence.” – Miroslav Volf, Allah: A Christian Response

The concept that faith, in it’s most grounded depths, would lead to a “peaceful coexistence” sounds idyllic and somewhat far-fetched in our modern climate. What theologian Miroslav Volf is touching on here is the idea that different beliefs or different people groups could live together in some form of universal acceptance. This is no simple achievement in a time when most of us feel divided, defensive, hurt, offended, argumentative or simply, misrepresented. There’s no easy recipe for peace, but learning to live in harmony with one another sounds like the purest and most unconditional type of love, and since Love is what this month is all about, what do we have to lose by welcoming its challenges along with its blissful aspirations?

This Valentine’s Day, let’s try for a little humility and love for our brothers and sisters, neighbors, strangers … each other. Let’s open the door to constructive conversation and action, and try to recognize destructive behaviors.

This month’s playlist reflects such a notion:

Image via Diane Villadsen

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