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We’re not normally in the habit of using zombie movies as life lessons, but, here we are.

For this month’s playlist, energy kept coming to mind. Life force, movement, shifting … change. In the 2013 movie World War Z (based on the 2006 novel written by Max Brooks), Brad Pitt’s character, Gerry Lane, is trying to save his family and find a cure to save the world from a zombie outbreak. At one point, he tries to coax a Spanish family who had been hiding out in their apartment to leave with them, saying, “Movimiento es vida.” He wanted them to keep going, to not stop fighting for their lives.

Okay, so, all pop culture theory of the undead aside, this thought of remaining where we think things are safe and not moving or changing can bring us to a stale place in life.  This “movimiento” we speak of is more than simply physical motion. Continuing to learn and expand, never settling for the mundane and living life to its fullest potential is what’s on our minds as we set forward into spring.

This mix is made in the spirit and vibrancy of this beautiful thing we call life.

Movimiento es vida!

Image via Kristen Wasik

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