A picture through a window with two buildings seen through the window pane

I’m not usually an early riser,
but this morning,
I woke early to watch the
milky morning light
and the dawn clouds forming
from my bedroom window.

Today feels like a good and perfect day,
but the truth of life is that
some mornings are difficult
to rise and wake for.

If nobody has told you yet,
may you know that today was made for you,
it lovingly waits for you,
and there is something here for you.
These words, a sleepy epiphany, are a morning ode
to the pull of something more and deep running joy—
for all the “difficult to wake for” days.

Notice the way the clouds form at dawn,
In milky morning light and pastel haze.

Look up and see,
What a good thing it is,
To have something to rise for,
To sing for,
To reach for,
To fix your loving eyes upon.

So, don’t lose heart,
And never lose courage,
For the day waits for you—
It was made for you,
There is something here for you.
There is more for you.
There is still something more for you.

So, won’t you wake, rise,
And seize the day with me?

Image via Kara Alden

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