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There’s something about a linen apron that just speaks to my soul. I love the simple design of aprons, and every time I wear one I instantly feel better prepared to bake or craft. Aprons also happen to be one of my go-to gifts, and with Mother’s Day right around the corner, this would be the perfect gift to give.

Pair with a nice bottle of olive oil, or some DIY recipe cards, and you’re good to go!

A linen apron can cost upwards of $100, yet they are quite simple to make and really only take an hour or two to finish. You can find linen fabric at Joann’s often for $5 a yard, or one of my favorite fabrics to work with is painter’s drop cloth. You can find large drop cloths at any home improvement store for around $20, and you’ll have enough fabric to make 3-4 aprons!

french stripe apron diy

This apron is inspired by simple French design, and features a large pocket to put wooden spoons, scissors, or other necessities in. You’ll need four yards of fabric, but you’ll have enough to make two aprons.

DIY French Stripe Apron

Cut Guide:

You can download the PDF cut guide here – or:

Cut 1: 24×30” rectangle (this is the apron)

Cut 1: 15”x16” rectangle (this is the pocket)

Cut 1: 108”x8” strip (this serves as the waistband)


Step 1: Wash, and cut fabric.

Step 2: Sew a 1/2” double hem on each side of the apron. Then sew a 1” double hem on the top, and a 2” double hem on the bottom.

Step 3: Press a 1/2” single hem on the top and bottom of the pocket. Press the hem so that the fabric faces wrong side to wrong side.

Step 4: Fold the pocket in half, hot dog style, right side to right side.

steps 3 4 5

Step 5: Stitch along the edges of the pocket, leaving the top open. Fold the pocket right side out, and press. Sew the top shut.

step 6

Step 6: Press a 1/2” single hem on each end of the tie. Then fold the tie in half, hot dog style, wrong side to wrong side.


Step 7: Stitch along the edge of the tie, leaving each end open. Turn the tie right side out, press, then stitch the ends shut.

A DIY French Stripe Half Apron | DARLING

A DIY French Stripe Half Apron | DARLING

Step 8: Pin the tie and pocket into place on the apron. Try the apron on, and make sure the pocket and tie placement look correct, then stitch everything into place, adding a stitch down the middle of the pocket. Done!

A DIY French Stripe Half Apron | DARLING

What kinds of DIY projects do you like best?

Images via Rebecca Nearing



  1. I love this! I’ve made a pillow in home ec class before, but mostly stick to knitting (socks, hats, scarves) and embroidery. I think that I may try this apron for my next project! Thank you for an easy, not too complicated project

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