A picture of sand dunes

May It Be Mine 

For all the sadness in the world,
May I not be sentenced to cry, all the days of my life.

For all the sadness and anger,
May I not be trapped in the empty, lonely place forever.

For all the rage and all-consuming pain there is,
May I not lose sight of the skies above. 

For all the bad things in the world,
May I not grow bitter, nor forgetful.

For all the darkness in the land,
May I choose to remain constant and wide-eyed.

For all the trouble and wrong things that there are,
May I rise, and step up and extend myself. 

For all the weariness in the world,
May I see the promise that comes with each day.

For all the pain in my heart,
May I be reminded of my future daughters, their dreams and old age.

For all the times I have cried,
May I whisper lovely things to myself. 

For all the wonder in the world,
May I sit and drink it up,
May I search for all that’s good and kind. 

For all the sadness in the world,
May a light dwell within me.
May a peace and everlasting joy be mine.

Image via Taylor Butters

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