When it comes to makeup, foundation may be the base of it all, but it isn’t the easiest part of the process to become comfortable with. Choosing a shade right for you and a consistency that complements your skin type can be an intimidating endeavor.

Fortunately, brands today have spent much time devoted to mastering all-natural formulas that can be worn by everyone. The scary, cake-y reputation of foundation from the 80s is long gone with alternatives like BB cream and tinted moisturizer now sharing the spotlight. This round-up of foundations is sure to get you started in the hunt for the perfect base for your face:


Pur 4-in-1 Mineral Liquid Foundation 

This liquid foundation’s quick-dry quality and weightless presence is heaven-sent. Its “no-mess” pump applicator allows for easy use and is best when applied with a flat kabuki brush. The vegan friendly product provides medium coverage (that lasts all day) and generously comes in a range of nine different shades. If your skin tends to be sensitive, give this one a try.

RMS Un Cover-Up Concealer/Foundation

For those who are still on the fence about putting on a full “face,” this subtle RMS product is the answer. The buttery concealer-foundation fusion is ideal for light coverage that can be added on throughout the day and evening. Its built-in creaminess leaves you with that perfect dewy radiance that never dries out, and its compact size makes for easy transport.

Beautycounter Tint Skin Foundation

Known as a “game changer” by makeup artists, this formula incorporates hyaluronic acid, which pulls in moisture and promotes smoother-looking skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines. It features eight different tints. Emphasizing “safety first” and 100% transparency in its ingredient list, Beautycounter is the brand to go with if you’re looking for lighter coverage and pride in knowing what you’re wearing on your face.

The Ilia Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer

Packed with aloe vera, the Ilia Vivid Tinted Moisturizer gives lasting hydration through the day, despite its matte and streak-free finish. This product is great on-the-go thanks to its tube applicator which makes it easy to apply with your fingers. Note: This product is not considered 100% natural because of a small amount of Dimethnicone silicone (safe, but not natural) included in the formula.

Your choices are endless, so start your search by figuring out what’s most important to you in a foundation first.


What are your favorite natural foundations?

Images via Sara Forrest, Ola Onda, & Candace Molarte


  1. Unlike the reader above, I did NOT appreciate the “diversity” of skin tones. PSA: There are more skin tones on the planet than white ones….I take it the recommended foundations have ‘limited’ shades/hues?

    -The brown skin girl

  2. Oh thanks for these. I am always on the lookout for natural based foundations. I love jane iredale’s bb cream and am currently using honest beauty’s tinted moisturizer as my summer daily foundation. So far so good 🙂

  3. Wow!! The images used in this article are absolutely stunning! I love the diversity of skin tones, so great for a foundation article! Way to go, Darling!

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