The opportunity to freely and creatively express ourselves through fashion is a gift. A few nights ago, I gathered some dear friends in New York City to walk in a fashion show with Anthropologie to showoff their fall collection and drawing inspiration from Darling’s fall issue.

Each look was different and unique, from throwbacks to 70s retro vibes and jewel tones to minimalist and monochromatic color palettes. One of my personal favorites as a self-proclaimed tomboy: a feminine and airy take on menswear.

At a first glance, none of those things seemed to fit together. It could have almost felt random.

However, upon a second look we can begin to see threads of cohesiveness in seemingly unrelated styles. The jeweled retro romper finds connection in the flare of the velvet overalls and maroon tasseled earrings. And the feminine twist to the mens’ button-up has hints of retro with it’s tiny plaid pattern and patent leather heels.

Sometimes all we see is how different we are from each other. Perhaps it just takes a moment of pause and reflection to dig in and see how there are pieces of connection woven throughout each and every one of us.

It dawned on me that though we have varying artistic expressions — it’s our differences that unite us. Isn’t that true for life too?  That is what inspires me so much about fashion: the physical is a representation of such deeper things.

We are better together.

The more freely you are able to be you, the more freely I am able to be me, and so on. Style gives us an opportunity to invite others into a more meaningful dialogue.

Thank you Darling + Anthropologie for giving me space to get powerful and diverse women together to connect on not just fashion, but the heart behind it as well.

Kat, The Refined Woman


Blue Romper: Kat Harris, The Refined Woman @therefinedwoman
Boyfriend Jeans: Erica Chen, @ericachenyoga
Overalls: Rana, @rana

Images via Carter Fish


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