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It only takes one grab (at least at my house and I’m guessing at yours, too). One person in the family uses a top-shelf jump-and-grab technique, causing every blanket you own to come tumbling out of the linen closet.

Trying to keep an organized linen closet might seem like an extra time-draining chore. In reality, an organized linen closet is a time-saving task. If you can find what you need when you need it, then everything moves along much faster.

As a professional organizer, I can tell you there are a few tricks to maximizing your space. Each of these will help to keep your linen closet organized so it will stay that way much longer.

Try some of these techniques in your space:

1. Go weeding.

Find more room in your closet by weeding out the extras and things you stashed because you might need them “someday.” If you haven’t needed it yet, out it goes. For adult bedding, a pair and a spare is probably enough sheets, but keep a few more for children. A good time to go weeding in your linen closet is in the winter. If you don’t have the extra blankets out in mid-winter, you most likely don’t need them. 

2. Sort by size.

As you clear your linen closet, sort by size. Having all the queen-size sheets together means you won’t need to hunt through a pile to find what you want.

3. Label shelves.

Sorting sheets and blankets by size is a big help, but only if you keep it that way. Add labels to your shelves to indicate which stack contains king, queen, full or twin sheets. This will help ensure that each item is put away correctly after washing. 

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4. Play the match game.

Match up sheet sets with pillowcases. If you don’t have sets, then just create some by matching a fitted sheet, top sheet and cases together into a set. Store the bottom sheet, top sheet and pillowcase inside the second pillowcase. This way you can easily grab a whole set without hunting.

Store the bottom sheet, top sheet and pillowcase inside the second pillowcase. This way you can easily grab a whole set without hunting.

5. Roll blankets.

Rolling your blankets will keep them contained and help you fit more in your closet. Use a piece of string or ribbon to tie the roll so it stays bundled. It is easier to grab an extra blanket without pulling others off the shelf when it’s rolled versus folded.

6. Keep spares.

An extra mattress pad is a time-saving investment. Being able to grab a clean one and remake the bed without waiting for the washer and dryer to run is very handy. Roll and tie it for easy storage. The same goes for pillow protectors. They help keep pillows cleaner, so having extras for when you change the sheets is a great idea.

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7. Give everyone space.

A linen closet often holds more than sheets and towels. It can contain cosmetics, shower supplies and medications for family members. A basket or shower tote for each family member can help keep things organized. Or, divide up the shelves and assign each family member a spot for their goodies.

8. Go low.

Typically, the shelves in a linen closet do not go all the way to the floor. Make good use of the lower space in your linen closet by using the floor space. A rolling cart that slides in under the bottom shelf is a great place to hold extra toilet paper, soap and toothpaste. Use any extra space to hold unwieldy things like a vaporizer, scale or bulk supplies.

9. Don’t forget the door.

If you still need more space, consider the inside of the linen closet door. An over-the-door shelf or pocket organizer can do just the trick to turn unused space into an organizing bonus.

It’s much easier and faster to master household chores when you stay organized. From putting away clean linens to assessing the supplies you need from the store, tasks go much smoother when everything is tucked into its spot.

What’s the organizational “trouble spot” at your house?

Feature Image via Mary Grace Baker


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