A picture of an empty plate at a dining table


we poured tall glasses of water
and wept
replenished tears with each sip
sprinkled salt on top. a savory dish
one bite at a time, fulfilling hunger
there were meals, do you remember?
around tables in homes with strangers
that became close friends

our hands once held homemade bread,
best with butter, salted of course
Because we live in France
and they have the best butter. 

But it’s not used for bread
it’s used for the things we savor

salt, from the sea
flakes melt on our tongue
we begin to taste with new vision
blind before
called to savor and be nourished

we pour another glass of tall water
our tears dry now
lines down our faces with the same salty substance,
this time laughter fills our mouths
dessert is served
and the table, to it we shall return
someday and sit together
savoring it all.

Image via Raisa Zwart Photography

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