Having recently bought a house with my husband, I’m no stranger to the seemingly endless costs associated with such a purchase. The first few months feel like a total money drain. Unexpected problems arise, home projects add up, and supplies have to once again be stocked from scratch.

By the time it gets to the fun part of furnishing or decorating, bank accounts may be strapped. But there’s good news for all: Redesigning a space can be done on a budget while maintaining standards of quality and conscious manufacturing. So whether you’re personalizing a rental, wanting a small space refresh, or looking for a full-blown makeover, these five brands will fulfill your design needs.


1. Article (For furniture.)

As the ultimate destination for chic mid-century modern furnishings, here’s a brand that approaches manufacturing with a twist. They’ve cut out all unnecessary layers for distribution and go straight to the consumer. Everything from bed frames to sectional sofas receives expert attention to detail and craftsmanship. What’s more? They’re offered at remarkably fair prices to give you style within reach.

What to look for: larger furnishings for bedroom, living room, and dining room.

2. Crane & Canopy (For bedding.)

Spending one-third of our daily hours in bed should be reason enough to care what materials surround our body that whole time. And this company makes it easier than ever. Their entire line of bedding is certified as ethically and responsibly created. Starting with luxury cotton and spinning all the way down to gorgeous fabrics, their collections suit any budget range or pattern preference.

What to look for: quality bedding basics and durable bath towels.


3. Minted (For décor.)

A celebration of independent artists from around the globe is what this brand is all about. They bring together a whole host of talented individuals and offer an unconventional approach to growing their business while gaining exposure. From artwork to home décor, design possibilities are endless and integrity remains the focus with every purchase.

What to look for: uniquely beautiful artwork with frames to complement them.


4. One King’s Lane (For accent pieces.)

This is where high quality luxury meets affordable price reduction. Crafted with a flash sale or limited quantity philosophy, this brand is the place to snag those one-of-a-kind pieces that’ll define your space. There’s never a shortage of trendy goods or timeless craftsmanship.

What to look for: accent chairs, end tables, or dramatic light fixtures to round out the statement of a room.

5. World Market (For kitchen + entertaining.)

Born from the experiences of a global traveler, this destination offers an amazing collection of original items with flair. They embrace the concept of bazaars from around the world while maintaining fair pricing that appeals to any consumer. So accenting a home with international charm is completely affordable.

What to look for: kitchen essentials and sweet serveware pieces for entertaining.

What other brands are on your budget-friendly list for home essentials?

Images via Leslie Musser


  1. Thank you for the gorgeous suggestions! A great reminder about some brands I knew about and others that are new to me! Really inspiring…and having just moved into a new house with my husband, son and dog, I completely feel the budget constraints trying to redecorate! 🙂

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