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Music can help people process hard things like  grief, overwhelm or loneliness. The Darling playlist series was created to help you during this time of quarantine. We hope to use music to bring you a little hope today.

In many states across the U.S., “safer at home” restrictions are slowly lifting. Even as cities and towns across America and the world prepare to reopen, there’s still much uncertainty. It can be easy to get lost in the what ifs and to allow our minds to spiral.

What if it’s too soon to reopen? What if more people get sick? What if the economy won’t quickly recover? What if small businesses are not able to reopen their doors?

Instead of worrying about the unknown, we hope to encourage you to stay present in this moment. We are right here with you, facing the uncertainty too. Yet, there are so many good things happening today, right now, that we can choose to focus on instead. When are eyes are on the present moment, that is how we find true rest. For this week’s playlist, we hope to bring a glimmer of hope to you wherever you are.

You can also find this playlist on Darling’s Spotify here.

Tongue — Edamame

Ooh Child — MILCK

What We Leave Behind — Labrinth

I Won’t Give Up —Jason Mraz

In the Silence — JP Cooper

Restoration Song (Hold On) — Song of Cloud

Look Outside — Allen Stone

Be Good (Lion’s Song) — Gregory Porter

Song of Good Hope — Glen Hansard

Phillip’s Song — Keith James

Vienna — Billy Joel

Dreams Tonight — Stephen Day

Care for Your Mother — Jordan Mackampa

Come on, Brother — Lawrence, Linus Lawrence

Want — Bird-talker

Say a Little Prayer (Live) — Lianne La Haves

River — Leon Bridges

Night Calls — Samm Henshaw

Somewhere Over the Rainbow — Emile Pandolfi

Chariot — Mega

Morning Sun — Melody Gardot

Still Wonderful — Johnnyswim


What are some songs that make you feel peaceful? Comment below!

Image via Jillian Mann and Kyla Trethewey of Our Wild Abandon, Darling Issue No. 16 



  1. The song lost in the light by the Bahamas is one of my go to relax songs. Also CCR is a good pick me up band to listen to on a sunny day. Not necessarily for rest, but for the more fun moments.

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