You know the situation. Scraps of paper with random items jotted down, pictures of goods from stores on your iPhone, emails to yourself from the site with that new cozy knit sweater that you long to have…trying to keep up with the plethora of consumer goods on the market can be overwhelming, leading us to impulse buy.

Let Darling introduce you to Svpply. It is your visual shopping and inspiration list. You simply add the widget to your bookmark bar and click to add an item from any website you are shopping on, and it immediately adds it to your list on Svpply. Here is what the basic site looks like:

You can follow other people whose taste you enjoy, as well as your friends and family. It is perfect if you are searching for a particular item you want, or to help you know what to buy for a gift, especially for those that are difficult to shop for.

You can create a “Set” which can be, for example, all the lingerie for your bachelorette party (so you get what you want), or gifts for your home, (so you don’t have to be hassled by taking gifts back). In addition, it fulfills the urge to go shopping all the time –“Svpplying” it feels almost as good as purchasing; its practically yours once its in your personal collection. Then you can weigh over time whether or not you should purchase something in real life!

The Darling girls would love to share some Svpply inspirations with you and see what tickles your fancy. You can find a couple of us here and here.