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Mother’s Day is one of the most empowering holidays on the calendar. It celebrates the beautiful gift we women possess, to bring children into the world, and notes the lavish amount of time that we spend raising them. The road to becoming a mother may not always be easy, but it is wholly unique to womanhood and one of the most endearing life experiences we can have.

On this Mother’s Day, we want to take a moment to remember the “forgotten” mothers. The women who were never able to hold their babies, and those to long to hold their children again.

Many can overlook the despair of miscarriage and child loss on a day of celebration, because only those who have been affected by its loss can truly understand the grief that is felt each and every day following. If you know someone facing sorrow today, whether a recent loss or one from long ago, you probably know that no words can heal the brokenness. It is a delicate topic, and should be approached with few words, but no mother wants her child to go unremembered. Giving a gift of flowers and a “thinking of you today” note can be a beautiful way to show that you remember not only the mother, but also the child.

For those of us who have faced loss in our own lives, creating a routine for Mother’s Day is profound way to remember a child. A remembrance can be as simple as lighting a candle, looking through photos, planting a tree, or visiting a grave with family. The significant part is that you are creating a goal for this day–to remember and celebrate the precious child who made you a mother.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers reading, especially to those who are missing a loved one. You are not forgotten.

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