A few weeks ago Darling EIC Sarah Dubbeldam was asked to speak to the attendees of Yellow Conference, a two-day workshop held in Los Angeles for women dreamers everywhere. It was a time to “spread goodness and bloom”, tapping into one’s unique potential with purposeful encouragement, practical advice, and endless opportunities to meet and get connected with other like-minded ladies. (Not to mention A+ decor, delicious coffee and the sweetest treats)


Weaving her own background in with the creation of Darling, Sarah’s talk had three main topics: passion + purpose, practicality and perspective. She began with sharing her own story because she wanted listeners to really take a look at their own. How we were as children can often help clue us in to what our core passion is. Were you a rule-follower and lover of justice? Were you the listening ear, ever ready to lend a hand? Or were you the cheerleader — championing others to go for their dreams?

Looking back at who we were can often help us in our current age, questioning not just who am I now  but also, where am I headed? For Sarah, this meant taking her love of art and beauty-seeking soul to college, majoring in art where she met another like-minded woman and together they began to dream about what a different kind of woman’s magazine could look like. Working in the modeling industry for several years had given Sarah an insider’s look at culture’s warped perception of beauty, and she wanted something different. So, Sarah encouraged others that — even though her years in modeling were punctuated with insecurity, anxiety and doubt — it’s usually those areas where we carry the greatest pain or burden that our strongest arena of purpose lies.

She urged listeners to remember a place of inspiration, guard it and keep it. Then, find someone else. Who also shares in your passion? How can you educate yourself in your desired area of influence?


Because of who we are … we have something to offer the world.

Next, Sarah encouraged practical steps in making your dream a reality. Figure out your why, your how and your what. Get out of your boat and embrace failure as a teacher, not your ultimate enemy. Seek wisdom on all fronts: first impressions, financial decisions, even marketing and PR. Keep moving forward. Learn how to paint the picture of your vision in someone else’s head, for everyone longs to be a part of a bigger story and something larger then themselves. What is your vision and how are you casting it for others?

Lastly, Sarah reminded listeners to keep perspective. Be doers and apply your gifts to action, for when you work from a pure heart others will see your genuineness and be attracted to it. It’s all too easy nowadays to shape-shift and be who everyone else wants you to be, so don’t hide what you’re about. Remind yourself of your why every single day. Take 1,000 intentional steps toward your dream.

Interested in attending next year’s Yellow Conference? Sign up for the latest details here + see more images from the conference by searching the #bloomyellow tag on Instagram!

Photos via Brienne Michelle Photography


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