For those who love exercising, almost every workout option is enjoyable — going for a long run, lifting weights, or swimming laps. However, for those of us who find it a little more difficult to be passionate about working out we need a boost, and often that boost is found through putting a creative spin on a class or a traditional exercise method.

So if your workout routine is in need of a spark, read below to learn about some fun ways to get your sweat on.


Surf-Inspired Classes
Always wanted to try surfing but don’t live near the water? You’re in luck! Surf-inspired workout studios are popping up all over the country, even in landlocked areas. At most of these facilities, a “surfboard” is placed atop a row of Bosu balls and secured with resistance bands, creating an unstable sensation that makes participants feel like they’re riding the waves. These classes typically include lots of boot camp-esque moves (think burpees, push-ups, sit-ups) on top of the board, allowing for a really great cardio workout that also incorporates core stability and strengthening. Visit SURFSET Fitness’s website to learn about these revolutionary boards and find out where you can take classes, which are equally available in big cities (San Francisco, San Diego, New York, Dallas) and smaller ones (Loveland, CO; Granbury, TX; Overland Park, KS; Nisswa, MN).

Dance-Themed Workouts
You’ve likely heard of Zumba and ballet classes, which are fun ways to get a workout in and bust a move, but dance-themed workouts are expanding into new (and dare we say improved?) genres. Check out a Curobiks class or video, led by the recording artist Cupid himself (and, yes, he did invent the Cupid Shuffle!). Even if you’re not crazy about Cupid’s music, this mixture of calisthenics, aerobics and line dancing is sure to get your heart pumping (and put a smile on your face!). Interested in cultural forms of dance? Many cities have studios that offer classes based on music from a certain country or culture, like African dance classes or workouts that incorporate traditional moves from Asian cultures.

Music-Filled Cycling Classes
Spin classes are an amazingly effective way to get in an excellent cardiovascular workout without putting too much pressure on your joints, and studios like SoulCycle are giving their regiments a facelift by coordinating movements and cycling paces with the dance-worthy music playing at a given moment. You’ll feel like you’re cycling yourself through a dance party, and you won’t believe it when class is over – it’s that much fun. SoulCycle is currently only located in Los Angeles and New York, but other studios and gyms in smaller cities are picking up this fun idea and incorporating it into their own spin classes, so keep your eyes peeled for music-filled cycling classes in your area.

Uniquely Themed 5K Races
Running is a stress-relief for some while also being a stress-inducer for others (who berate themselves for being “too slow” or fear that they’ll get too tired to complete a specific distance). Incorporate some fun into your runs by registering for creatively themed 5K races. The Color Run is an amazing example of a race that will make you forget that you are even running, allowing you to complete the distance without worrying a bit.

What are some creative ways you get in a workout?

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  1. Great article! I’d have to say Capoeira is a very fun an unique form of exercise that a lot of people do not know about. You gals should def check it out sometime. There are classes everywhere. You’ll be sore for-like-ever.

    Love your magazine!


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