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We’ve all heard it a million times: don’t compare yourself to others on the internet.

Yet, the reality is that it is much, much easier said than done. Thanks to a seemingly never-ending stream of social networks, we live in a world where we’re constantly bombarded with the lives of others. Comparisons are going to happen.

This is especially true once you immerse yourself in the blogging world. It can be easy to get sucked into what everyone else is doing, and it’s not at all uncommon to feel like other bloggers have it all: a perfectly decorated (and clean) house filled with stylish outfits, delicious meals, adorable children and non-shedding pets. Oh, and not to mention plenty of time for creative and satisfying work – and entertaining with friends (naturally).

In reality, that’s almost never the case. Blogs and social media accounts are mere snapshots of a life. They’re an Internet persona. They don’t tell the full story. While the practical side of us realizes this and knows that content is stylized and photoshopped (or filtered) to look just so, that doesn’t always stop the emotional side of us from wishing our blog, our social media, our life looked a little more, well, perfect.

So – maybe subconsciously at first – as new (and even seasoned) bloggers we start to try and emulate the “perfect” life on our blog. Can we get some pink peonies and pastel macaroons over here, please? Instead of being original, creative and simply ourselves, we strive for something unattainable. Not only is that exhausting and unrealistic for the long term, but it also doesn’t make for a very good blog. No one wants to see ten of the same posts on ten different blogs. If we’re all doing the same thing, what do we really have to offer each other?

We’re human.

We’re multi-layered.

We have good days.

Bad days.

And worse days.

So, as the final tip in this blogging series, we remind you: don’t forget to always be you. Rebel against the conventional blogger and Internet persona. Be real.

Yes, it can be terrifying and challenging to not only define who you are, but then also put it out in the world. It’s even something I’m struggling with at the moment as I embark on a new blogging/business venture with a friend. But it’s worth it in the end. It makes your blog, yours. You have something wonderful to offer the world, so don’t be afraid to share it authentically.

Peonies, or no peonies.

Are internet comparisons holding you back from putting yourself out there? How do you combat those tendencies?

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  1. Haa, I knew you must like this design duo! I love them as well and I would like to see them going far with their designs. I’m also little bit confused why they don’t have an official website, I just think it’s a must have no matter how anti-commercial someone wants to be.

  2. I loved your article, Bianca. I try to push myself to remain real by sharing failures as well as successes. I think a sense of humor goes a long way in a blog – to remind readers and myself that my life and my blog is not the only thing in the world 🙂

  3. I cannot thank you enough for this post. I have been struggling with starting my own blog for about a year now, my biggest problem being the comparison thing. This past month I have been really focused on trying to sift through the urges of comparing what I want to do with what others are doing: Today on a run I had somewhat of an eye opening experience. Nothing in particular happened, but while running, I made a promise to myself to be myself and to go ahead full force with my project sans comparisons and insecurities. About ten minutes after getting home I logged onto this page and saw this post. When the universe sends you a message, you listen! Thank you for helping deliver this learning experience to me. Big hug!

  4. Thank you for this article! It’s soo easy to get caught up copying everyone else. What we see on Facebook and Pinterest seems just so perfect.
    I often worry that my content is not consistent enough, that I should write about the same topics more instead of being all over the place. I have to remind myself that I started my blog as a journal, not as a job where I have to deliver a certain performance!

  5. I really liked this article. I’m starting off myself and who knows who will come upon it. I’m just happy to share my thoughts and loves with the world. It’s so important to realize that at the end of the day, it’s your life- comparing yourself with others is a waste of time. Thanks Bianca!!

  6. I totally agree. I’ve been blogging for a couple of months and have seen that a lot of bloggers write about the same thing, my blog is a lifestyle blog, my life, my day to day, my ups and downs, happiness, joy, etc I wanted to be Authentic and I’m happy that I have been because I enjoy blogging because I’m just being me. 🙂

  7. When I first started blogging I realised that I always compared myself to other bloggers. It stopped me from writing about what I loved as I felt as if everyone else wrote it better than me. One day I told myself that it doesn’t matter what everyone else writes as my blog was an extension of my life and everyone has a different life. It kind of works but every so often I have to retell myself that my blog is what I want it to be. 🙂

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