There is much to be said about the power and value of girlfriends, and I have the best ones on the planet, but even your best friend might not understand the struggles of owning a business.

When I opened Milk Jar Cookies almost three years ago, I felt the need to seek out other female entrepreneurs and become part of the community, not only locally, but in the broader sense. I wanted to find women like myself; little did I know I would be building my “squad.”

We are living in the era of the female entrepreneur. The percentage of businesses owned by women is increasing every year. We are gaining power everyday and are each other’s best resources. Recently, I hosted a Milk Jar Squad party at my shop and invited dozens of female entrepreneurs from Los Angeles and the surrounding area to come share their stories and promote their businesses.

Most of us had never met before, and many hadn’t heard of the products or lifestyle services the others offered. Although we were practically strangers, by the end of the night, a special “squad” was formed. I feel like I could reach out to any one of them in a time of struggle or conflict, and they would gladly give me advice or just meet for a drink. Connections were made, and we all left feeling completely full of good and ready to conquer the world.

 There is an inherent inspiration that comes from surrounding yourself with strong women who get it.

It is crucial for women to support one another and make an effort to spend time together, even as busy as we all are. There is an inherent inspiration that comes from surrounding yourself with strong women who get it. We each think differently and have countless skills and talents, and we should seek opportunities to share them, not only for our personal growth but also for the growth of our businesses. Community begets opportunity.

Milk Jar cookies

As we approach the holidays, let’s all make a pledge to show our squads some love and appreciation. Spoiler alert: several of my friends, and squad members alike, will be receiving a box of cookies and a hand-written note.

One last thought before we all go make magic happen – I think it’s no coincidence that a synonym for “squad” is “force.” Hold tight to your squad, and if you’re still looking for one, you’re always welcome in the #milkjarsquad.

Who would be in your “squad”? How can you say thank you to them this holiday?

**Local Los Angelenos: Milk Jar Cookies is offering 20% off to all Darling readers who call the shop to place an order from now until December 22nd! Simply call (323) 634-9800 and mention Milk Jar Squad!

Images via Ashley Maxwell


  1. Thank you for such encouraging and inspiring words!!!! I want to have a squad AND be a part of yours!!!!

  2. “There is an inherent inspiration that comes from surrounding yourself with strong women who get it.” How true. Thanks for sharing this! Now I need to get my hands on those amazing cookies!

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