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From fashion styles to witty Instagram captions, our unique brains conjure up ideas on the regular. Some ideas are game-changers, while others we tend to hold off on. Though it might be easier to discredit our ideas, each one has the capability of becoming monumental. The great innovator Dr. Seuss once wrote: “It’s not about what it is; it’s about what it can become.” Some of the most prolific movements or creative masterpieces were created by a snowball effect — where the start of one thing led to another.

With feedback from the right people, our ideas have the potential to grow in the right direction. Since we thrive the most in the light of community, it’s crucial to identify those people who we want in partnership with our vision.

Here four kinds of people we should always want on our team:

People Who Genuinely Care About Us

These individuals don’t seek to compete because they ultimately want to watch us succeed. Often, when we elicit advice from negative influences, we are left feeling quite defeated, inadequate and insecure. However, the people who genuinely care about us will remind us of our purpose so that we do not compromise our originality. As well, they offer real, constructive feedback, which will bring out the best components structured within our ideas.

People Who Have Credible Experience

Our ideas need feedback and mentorship from people who have already gone before us to develop experience either in the same field of interest or a business endeavor. In addition to sharing the ins and outs of an industry, they share their personal challenges in the journey. As we move forward with our decision-making, these individuals make great mentors and guide us through the process, with knowledge of what will help our ideas flourish the most. Also, they help us avoid common faux pas.

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People Who We Can Collaborate With

Some of the best brands in the world today are linked to successful collaborations and partnerships with other companies. Why is this? Because in the midst of our differences, we are all trying to reach people. When we choose to view fellow competitors as our community, we open the door to a comradery that can add a mutual and very significant value. It’s important to support one another as we each continue along unique ideating processes. It not only broadens our reach, but it creates a sense of unity, which we desperately need across all fields of study.

People Who Will Be Directly Impacted

All ideas we create impact someone — whether it’s a mother, a friend or an entire generation. They are our audience and because of this, their voice matters within the construction of our idea’s end goal. They will be the ones who will define our method of reach and will help us spread the word about an idea. Without our audience, our idea fails to have purpose. They teach us how to maintain social relevance.

We’re more than capable of succeeding at anything we put our minds to. When we walk forward knowing our worth, we are able to differentiate the difference between good advice and counterproductive criticism. When we allow positive voices to build us into our calling, our idea blossoms into new avenues of opportunity for the world to experience.

Who do you trust with your ideas and big dreams?

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  1. I tend to share my dreams with only two of these kinds of people: those who genuinely care about me and those I can collaborate with. When I have dreams outside my career field, it is rare for me to have someone with experience whom I trust. It’s hard to find mentors after college.

    1. I know I’m leaving a comment well after you’ve hit “post,” but affirmation coming atcha! Same here, mama. Finding a mentor is tricky and seems almost impossible with the workforce being competitive and inconducive to expansion. I’ve found you’ve got to be pretty guarded; do you feel the same? What I’ve discovered to be oh-so-helpful is finding mentorship on social media or inside the cover of books. Even though it’s only a one-sided relationship (me gathering golden nuggets from the creator), I have had breakthroughs from just reading and consuming their content. Until I find a real IRL I can confide in, that’s going to be my route to my highest self.

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