A picture of a tree with mountains in the background


Lasting for an unknown, unmeasured, unstated
Amount of time…
Time is exactly what we were up against
Not knowing when or how
But living in the if


To stay or go
To brave the hoards
Or stay at home
Stay a little while
Nothing is fixed like we thought
As fewer airplane lines trace the sky

Someday there might be none
But there will be bluer mornings
Clearer days
Cleaner air
As we stay here
Canceled flights
Unknown returns
Frayed fringes on our plans
Unraveling, traveling only a few feet
To look out the window
This is not a sentence
But rather a new horizon

Here indefinitely
We are words undefined
Living beyond the airplane contrails
We see our breath on the window,
The same heat exhausted
Mixing with the atmosphere, pressure and vapor
We indeed are vapor

Image via Madeline Mullenbach

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  1. Lovely, Hope.
    Yes, lately this small existence we live does feel indefinite but I can see a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Soon these days will be behind us but right now it feels like we’re still trying to gain ground.
    So nice to see such gorgeous blue skies with no airplanes or contrails. Traffic is light on the roads. People are out everywhere, walking, running, with the kids, the dog, working on their yards and their homes. Just like it used to be 40 years ago!
    All the best to you,

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