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If you’re a busy woman (and frankly, aren’t we all?), there’s no doubt you’ve tried some shortcuts in the realm of beauty. Taking care of yourself during the week can be tedious and exhausting, so it’s easy to fall behind on it. But, keep in mind that a good beauty routine is just as important as brushing your teeth — and a great start to making yourself a priority.

Here are a few simple “dos and don’ts” for your nighttime beauty schedule:


Double-wash your face: A foam cleanser alone can’t remove a day’s worth of grime, sunblock, concealer, foundation, and/or mascara. Try a two-step process of using a wipe or cleansing oil on your face first and then a gentle foaming face cleanser with your fingers. Use soft, circular motions to massage all that dirt and makeup off. Make sure to remove any residue from your face by rinsing thoroughly.

Take a hot bath or shower in the evening: Fully unwinding after a long stressful day is key to maintaining your sanity. Soaking and cleansing your whole body can be an effective way to do just that. Star by lighting a cozy, clean-smelling candle. Fill your tub up with hot water and sprinkle in some salts (Epsom or your favorite luxe version). Climb into the water and close your eyes.

Take a few moments to recognize the highs and lows of your day – what made it great; what wasn’t so good. Then put those thoughts behind you, and open up your favorite book. Enjoy this time with yourself, away from technology. If you’ve got less time on your hands, take a quick shower before hopping into bed. You’ll feel refreshed as you fall asleep. Also, if you have straight, flatter hair, sleeping with it wet can often bring volume the next morning — just remember to use a towel on your pillow.

Use a collagen sheet mask: When used right before bed, this treatment lets your face absorb moisture and nutrients as you fall asleep. You’ll wake up with a glowy, rejuvenated complexion. Start off doing this treatment twice a week.

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Tug at your skin: Whether it’s removing your eye-makeup, applying lotion, or inspecting a new blemish, be gentle. Treat your face skin, especially the areas around your eyes, very gingerly. This skin is thinner and more delicate than any other part of your body. Being light with your fingers will help avoid premature wrinkling.

Forget to moisturize: No matter what your skin type is, don’t skip face lotion or cream. Find the right one for your skin type and make sure to slather it on before bed. This is key to keeping your skin looking young.

Eat or drink anything less than 3 hours before bed: Consuming anything, including water, too close to going to bed will only bloat you and give you puffy eyes in the morning. Try and get your hydration in throughout the day, but never right before bed. Your body is beginning to wind down in the evening as is your metabolism, so be smart and don’t make it go into overtime.

When all is said and done, taking care of yourself is a priority. Don’t think of it as a chore, but an enjoyable nightly ritual.

What do you prioritize before bed?

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  1. these all sound great, and i agree with many of these points, but i have to comment on a couple suggestions. to echo others, not drinking water three hours before bed is completely unrealistic and doesn’t sound very sciency 😉 furthermore, i don’t think we should ever tell people to drink less water when most people should be drinking more! also, sheet masks are wonderful, but largely cost prohibitive for most women as a 2x/week routine.

  2. Don’t drink water 3 hours before bed? That sounds insane to me. What is the science to back this up? I drink water constantly and wake up dry as a bone if I don’t drink water before bed and sometimes in the night if I wake up.

  3. I’m quite disappointed that the first “DO” says to wash your face with a foaming cleanser. The chemicals in foaming cleaners that make them foam cause cancer and disrupt hormones. A foaming cleanser is NOT necessary to remove makeup and grime from the day and there are so many natural cleansers available. DO research the ingredients in your beauty products to avoid putting toxic chemicals on the largest organ of your body.

  4. I definitely hit all the ‘dos’ on this list! But I am guilty of eating and drinking (especially water) up until bedtime. One thing added to my do list is putting down the cell phone and turning off the tv at least an hour before bed time and picking up a good book!

  5. Thank you for using *might* in the title. I dislike when articles start off by telling you that you’re doing something wrong or don’t know something, when it’s something you might actually be doing or already know. I appreciate that Darling is thoughtful enough to consider this even just when giving an article an appropriate title.

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