A photo of a woman standing with her arms to her side as she holds flowers and stands in the grass

Time is a stranger.
She is a standstill
When we want her to leave,
And fleeting when we’ve just met her.
Even still, there are reminiscences
of her within our midst—

Calendars and planners,
Gray hairs,

Changes of the seasons,
Changes of wardrobe, inevitably.
Holiday traditions,
Watching kids grow up,
right before our eyes.

Career milestones,
Promotion after promotion,
Wisdom inherited through mistakes,
Unforgettable firsts to lasts.

Finally, that first home purchase,
Unquenched desires and dreams,
Heartaches and butterflies,
in the end they are moments. 

Maybe, time is not a stranger.
No, time is a gatherer.
My dear friend, what will you gather
between your sunrises and sunsets?

Image via Micaela Fox and The Beauty Project.is

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