When I was just starting out on my own and had to begin grocery shopping for myself, my mother warned me many times not to enter a grocery store on an empty stomach. She knew that if I went to the store hungry, I would be more inclined to buy junk food rather than good with good nutritional value.

How true is that of our lives? How often do we spend our days empty, hungering for something more, and yet finding ourselves settling for less? Whether we hunger for significance, love, or appreciation, we all hunger for something. Sometimes we know what it is that we desire, but more often than not, we don’t know what it is that we hunger for; all we know is that there is an all-too-familiar ache inside of us that won’t seem to go away no matter what we do.

In this life there are temporary and there are lasting pleasures, or soul “foods.” Whether it be dating, sex, over-eating, or over-spending…we all know the delights in our lives that seem to fade faster than they appeared. These temporal things will often leave us depleted and malnourished, longing for more, and the cycle continues. Eventually our unsatisfied hunger becomes more and more noticeable to others, and can grow into harmful passions such as lust, greed, or jealousy. We often find that our “food” perhaps fills our moments, but fails to sustain or nourish us in the end.

So what is there in this life that can fill us?

At Darling, our articles will naturally reflect what we have experienced, and what has changed our lives. In regards to our “soul hungers,” we want to start a conversation on perhaps how God wants a personal relationship with us, and wants to fill us with joy and contentment like nothing else in this life.

What are your thoughts on this?


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  1. For a long time I went through life looking and longing for love, not just from my family. After some time I found good friends and some of this longing was satisfied, but something was still missing. Then I met Jesus. I can’t come over the extraordinary feeling of acceptance and agape – or love. These last few days God has been speaking to me and showing me the vastness of his love for me, and other people, and opened my eyes to the things he does for me every single day – out of love.

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