Throughout our lives, we all experience moments that seem so empty, lacking something, or even unstable.

We look at one situation, whether it be personal, professional, or parental, and feel as though our whole being will not be well until something, anything changes. We allow our minds to obsess, and everything carries the fragrance of the issue at hand…

In looking at a solution to these moments, we must realize that we are created as multi-faceted beings. Our well-being does not depend upon one situation, a single person, or even our own success or failure. Our lives are contiguous. Let’s look closer at this word:

con·tig·u·ous (adj)
1.    sharing a boundary or touching each other physically
2.    situated next to something else or to each other
3.    connected together so as to form an unbroken sequence in time or an uninterrupted expanse in space

In light of this definition, our lives not only impact our own hearts directly, but constantly touch others and this world.

We must embody the rest of our lives. We must pursue the other aspects that contribute to our stability, understanding that the problem at hand is real, a valid determinate of our well-being, but not the only source. We must turn our direction and efforts towards the beautiful aspects of where we are currently. If we live there…and not just in the space of the negative moment, we will find strength to persevere.

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