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Coming home after a long absence may be a tenuous time, precious, though, filled with happiness and overwhelming emotion for both the home-comer and the welcome committee. Absences are one of life’s silver linings, full of opportunity from blessed journey home. When you welcome a traveler at your doorstep, one who is weary and filled with adrenaline and exhaustion, here are some ideas for making their transition home an enjoyable one.

Let them set the pace. They may be full of excitement and wish to tell you every detail immediately, or they may be dragging their bags with the heaviest of arms. Listen and pay attention to their body language to determine what they need at the moment. Strive to be accessible and accommodating.

Offer small, simple comforts first. A cup of tea. A hot bath or shower. A nap. I love to be met at the airport with a snack and a bottle of water. These small comforts speak volumes and are often much appreciated.

Set aside your own expectations. It is common to want to share your own tales of what happened during your friend’s absence. But this will come in time. Parcel out the information, so the traveler doesn’t feel overwhelmed with what they missed, good or bad.

Realize that processing journeys takes time, and they may not fully understand all they’ve experienced and learned right away. This is okay. This is good. When the time is right, they will find the space to share with you. Until then, be happy to have them around again, be grateful to see their face in the morning and be glad that you get to make an extra cup of coffee or do an extra load of laundry for them.

Create special touches. Flowers in their room, a note on their bed, or their favorite drink in the refrigerator are sure ways to make someone feel loved upon their return. When I got back from a very long trip, my mother and grandmother had picked out a special vintage dress and had it hanging in my closet for me when I got home. I felt all of the love that had gone into picking out that dress and hanging it on a satin hanger. It made me feel at home.

They’re home. They are yours again, at least for a little while. Embrace this wonderful time and remember that equilibrium returns, and with it, a new conscious and a widened perspective. We travel, and we return, so let us seek to make both the farewells and the welcome-homes nourishing to our family and friends.

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  1. This is a really great blog and so true. Some great stuff in here that is often missed and needed more than anything. It’s always a weird transition to come home.

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