Inspiring Relationships 2

Morgan practices the art of unwinding: “As the nights get cooler, I’ve really been enjoying lighting my Volcano candle from Anthropologie while reading a good book. The scent is soothing and perfect for winding down after a long day. ”

Haley is feeling inspired:  “I love when great minds join forces! I was completely enamored with the collaboration between Alexander McQueen and Damien Hirst. They just put out a beautiful scarf collection, accompanied by an visually captivating short film. It is well worth taking a peek at!”

Tracy recently discovered Khiels hand salve: “I love their packaging and classic branding design. This lotion will become a desk and purse necessity once we (finally) hit the cooler temperatures here in the desert.”

Ziza loves the new gold reveal Pong cases: “Though they are an investment, they help redirect wireless radiation away from your body while still increasing range and signal. With all the radiation we’re subject to nowadays, I can’t help but think that’s an investment worth making.”

Mercedes delights in the little things: “A Chocolove Ginger Chocolate Bar is just the right amount of heat and sweet. Perfect for a friend as an unexpected gift or simply a moment of treating yourself.”

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Image via Morgan Ashley Photography

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