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Sarah is in love with Rifle Paper Co. Gold Foil Pocket Notebooks: “They are a perfect petite size and made of high quality paper worthy of all your important thoughts. We also featured them in our article titled “Life in Every Word” all about journaling in our fall issue.

Kelli adores Alison Cooley’s “Snakebite” along with the rest of her recent work: “There is a subtlety to her magic in the madness style, and I am taken on adventure into a childish Neverneverland inspirational state. I would order huge prints and put them all over my new home. But until that day comes, I’ll be admiring from my screen.”

Saralyn is into Red Leaf Studios, a photographer boutique that designs incredibly beautiful PDF educational guides: “Anyone who loves photography—whether they be a pro or someone who simply enjoys taking photos as a hobby—will find these very informative and inspiring!”

Haley is enjoying the make-up tutorials of one of our very own darlings, Francesca Giaimo: “Her videos are amazing! Not only is Francesca incredible at her craft and extremely helpful to those like myself who need tips, she is funny, vibrant , and full of life!”

Mercedes is delighting in the prospect of adventure: “I’m loving all the new technology we have that offers opportunity for that, like Airbnb and the excellent flight experience through Jet Blue. My husband Daniel and I are planning a few trips soon and it’s so fun to do so!”

Morgan is following Sincerely Kinsey’s Clean Living Series: “I’m especially into the homemade recipe for Honey + Coconut Milk Body Wash.”

Natalie loves her new Nike Free running shoes: “Over the past several months, I’ve grown to enjoy running more than ever. These shoes are like a big hug for my feet, while also being flexible enough to let me have a natural stride. Plus, they’re bright coral, which is so fun!”

Photo by Barbara Marcella on Flickr

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