Morgan sings the praises of coconut oil: “Lately I have been amazed with all of the different ways you can use coconut oil. It’s natural AND it smells great — doesn’t get any better than that!”

Sarah’s into Lotta shoes: “I’m really into these clogs from Stockholm — wooden shoes are proven over hundreds of years to be great for your feet, and they are now making them fashionable and are all over Europe/Paris.”

Haley fills her home with nostalgia: “This week I am getting into the holiday spirit decorating my home and putting up my tree! One of my absolute favorite things, really anytime, but especially in this season is fir, pine, or cedar scented candles! I love candles and this just makes me feel like I am back in my hometown of Eugene,Oregon.”

Mercedes is eagerly anticipating her travels: “I am so excited to venture off to one of my favorite cities this weekend, New York. One of my musts is visiting the Tenement Museum. Understanding the struggles, beautiful frugality, and innovation of past generations inspires me to create and live well today.”

Ziza loves the oldies: “I’m a fan all year round, but this time of year especially has me watching any old musical I can get my hands on. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is one of my absolute favorites. I dare someone not to be in a good mood after watching that barn raising scene.”

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Image via Kate Ann Photography for Glitter Guide


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  1. I love watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. My sister and I watch it every year around this time.

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