Darling believes in value, in appreciating and utilizing the small and big things that are given to us within our lives. We are to be faithful in the small things so as to practice for the larger opportunities in our future–taking care of the things that you already have and being wise in the ways you obtain the things you need and desire. A large part if living in this manner is choosing to do the little things that will save you and your surroundings daily. Join us in making right and clever choices, and please share if you have actions we can do with you. We first want to take a look at: water.

Water is a precious commodity that we can so often take for granted.  However, we all can take little actions all day long to conserve water for our community and for future generations. Here are some steps:

1. Turn of the water while you are brushing your teeth.

2. Turn off or turn down the water while you are shaving your legs.

3. Instead of just throwing out those half-full water bottles from social gathering, pour the remaining water in your tea kettle. Next time you have tea you will simply boil away the germs!

4. Save leftover water from steaming vegetables. Pour it into a small watering can and water your potted plants–the leftover nutrients from the veggies will supply your plants with nutrients and make them extra happy.

Please share with us the ways that you cherish your water. You can read about an amazing organization that is making a difference in lives all over the world by providing people with clean water  in our article on Charity Water .