Pinball is a widely celebrated game in many countries but with the French love for anything "vintage, the Pinball is even a vintage game collectible. The country even has a Paris Pinball museum with one of the largest collections of Pinballs in Europe, and visitors get a chance to try the Gottlieb Baffle Ball game from 1931.

In the US, Pinballs were banned between 1940-1976 by the New York major La Guardia, believing the game "robbed school children. For many gamers, especially Generation  X, a pinball machine is a time machine down memory lane but Pinball is not only a game of the past. Kelly Librati at Jeuxdcasino writes about the return of Pinball in the French online casinos with the game Super Flip Pinball. PlaynGo developed the game in Malta, and the French nostalgic relationship to Pinballs seems to have satisfied the large population of middle-aged casino players in France. 

Retro games hold a sentimental value to a significant gaming demographic despite the rapid digitization in the gaming industry. Vintage gaming evokes cherished childhood memories and offers much-desired simplicity in gaming — an aspect that is not prevalent in modern games. For gaming operators, the main concern with promoting vintage games is how long the emerging trend will last and if the millennial generation will express interest in the online casino options like the esteemed pinball game making a comeback.  

Some popular vintage games making a comeback today include:

Pinball Machines

Pinballs were a beloved arcade game responsible for some of most gamer’s fondest childhood memories. Many modern players attest to developing their love for gaming from the exciting trips to the arcade. The Super Flip Pinball Machine is one of the classic pinballs to make a super comeback in France’s gaming scene.

The machine has balls that make turns around the complex interior layout as controlled by the player. For the physical game, the player inserts a coin to reset the machine then pulling the plunger to release the ball. The controls are pretty straightforward, an aspect that makes the game even more enjoyable. The flippers come in handy to direct and shoot the ball while the bumpers bounce the ball to accumulate points. 

In online gaming, the classic arcade game has been adapted with an interactive blastoff design. The online game design is more or less as engaging as the actual game pinball machine. 

Video Poker

Video poker was first introduced in the gaming scene in the mid-1970s, and it also enjoyed a warm reception throughout its advancement in the 1980s and 90s. It served as a suitable alternative to traditional poker for players who did not fancy playing at the poker table. 

The classical game has become popular in major casinos, and the latest online versions are also attracting their fair share of gamers. As a result, many casino providers are finding creative and interactive ways to immerse their target audiences. Vintage games offer a unique experience that breaks the monotony of highly advanced modern gaming. 

Classic Casino Slots

The gaming industry is proactive on upcoming technologies, and to some gamers, keeping up with every emerging development can be exhausting at times. As a result, online slots have experienced an upsurge in recent years. However, despite gaming developers making such games as progressive as possible, many gamers are increasingly drawn to the earlier concepts of classic slots.

Slots games have a long history dating back to the 20th century with earlier versions like the Liberty Bell machine. These were characterized by classic fruit characters and commonly found on casino floors alongside blackjack, poker, and roulette games. The 1990s introduced new slots concepts with advanced designs like the Megaways slots.

These classic slot games were widely accepted in the gaming community and still evoke nostalgia among specific gaming populations. Despite the sophisticated designs on modern slots, a considerable demographic prefers classic casino slots with less complicated paylines. Even better, the range of classic casino slots like Retro Reels and Retromania are easy to access online. There is also a broad category of classic slots options based on exciting cartoon themes, movies, and comic books. The vintage slots also retain their classical look with refurbished graphics that most players find amusing.

With simple adaptations, retro games bring culture and simplicity to gaming without compromising gaming quality. The difficulty levels presented by such games also feel authentic than what is offered today.                

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