From the dirty work to the dinner plate, vinegar will do the majority of all household chores more effectively than most commercial products.  Not only economical and green, this natural disinfectant is not given enough credit since most folk cannot get passed the smell (which dissipates quickly simultaneously freshening the air)! Explore with me the possibilities…

For Cleaning: Full strength, white distilled vinegar can be used as the most successful scaling agent on shower-heads, in dishwashers, teakettles and coffee makers. For naturally soft clothes, pour half a cup of vinegar in the washing machine during the rinse cycle to gently remove detergent residue. Diluted with water one-to-one, vinegar can be used as an all-purpose cleaner for counter tops, stainless steel, mirrors, windows, floors, and anything you want to make shiny and new! Using vinegar in place of bleach and chemical-based household products can save your health by preventing emphysema as well as prevent accidental misuse.

For Cooking: Apple cider, rice, balsamic, red wine and champagne are only a few culinary vinegars to have in the pantry. Whip up a healthy and customizable vinaigrette with one part vinegar of choice, and four parts olive oil. Keep it simple, or go gourmet by adding pressed garlic, Dijon mustard, chopped shallot, or bleu cheese. Tenderize meat in a vinegar-based marinade, overnight for beef and a few hours for chicken. For quicker cook time and healthier digestion, soak beans, rice, legumes and grains overnight in water with a splash of apple cider vinegar to release phytic acid–drain, rinse, and cook as normal.

For Beauty: Your new beauty secrets are now attributed to vinegar! For smaller looking pores, lighter freckles, less acne, and a temporary facelift mix apple cider vinegar with Indian healing clay (found at most health food store); apply to entire face, let dry, and gently remove with a washcloth. Soothe a sunburn with a spray of chilled diluted vinegar, help eliminate bad breath by brushing twice a week with vinegar, and prep your nails with vinegar on a cotton ball before applying polish for a longer lasting manicure.

One product for hundreds of uses…so be sure to buy the big bottle because your pocket and the earth will thank you. Now that the superhero within vinegar has been released, you should never raise a stink again!


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