New York Fashion Week is officially upon us! Thus begins the whirlwind of endless fashion shows, cocktail parties, running around the city in too high of heels, and lots of inspiration.

From the outside it can look completely glamorous, and don’t get me wrong, it is glamourous. But there are other moments too, moments of loneliness walking into a show where you know no one and everyone is on their phones so busy with social media that real life connection is disregarded. Insecurities can flare up, comparison begins, and it can be a downward spiral from there.

Personally, after shooting and attending 14 seasons of Fashion Week, I have found that while it can be an amazing experience filled with fancy runway shows, parties, and fashion, I can leave the week feeling exhausted and — to be honest — lonely.

The interesting thing though, is that the more I share about my personal experience, the more and more other women share that they leave Fashion Week feeling the same way. It’s like we’re all walking around wishing we had a friend, and it is just going to take a few of us speaking up and saying “Hey…I’m lonely here…let’s be friends!” There are so many powerhouse, feminine, authentic, dynamic women in this industry and in the world. The reality is that none of us are competitors, we are teammates linking arms and we have the power to really impact not only the fashion industry, but culture as a whole.


It was my vision to create a space for a group of women in the Fashion Industry that have influence and hearts for investing into the whole woman.  The intent was to create a space and dialogue for authenticity, community, creativity, and dream about ways that we can encourage and inspire one another.

Creativity begets creativity and free people free people, and this starts from the top.  If we as women and leaders in the fashion industry show others that depth, community and beauty can truly be lived out, then I believe we can blaze a trail for our culture and young women all over the world to do the same.

With this heart came A Very Refined Brunch. A brunch hosted by The Refined Woman at the beginning of Fashion Week to do all of the above. It was scary putting myself out there, and hosting my very first event at Fashion Week. What if no one comes? What if I look silly? What if others judge me?

Yet, whenever we put ourselves out there to create something beautiful we will receive resistance, even if it comes from no one else but ourselves.  Putting aside my fears and insecurities, I moved forward with hosting this brunch and it ended up being everything I could have hoped for and more. Women came who knew each other, who didn’t know each other, and we all connected.  We talked about beauty, what we’re passionate about, how we want to change the fashion industry, culture, and the world. There was laughter and tears.

And with honesty I can say that we all left that space feeling connected, realizing none of us are alone.

As women we are powerful. Our voices matter, and there are endless possibilities when we join together and create. A Very Refined Brunch is just the beginning.

Beauty truly is limitless.

Images via Tutti del Monte

Location provided by Ira Lippke Studios; Styling by Molly, Glitter and Rye; Catering by Naturally Delicious; Swag Bag: Darling MagazineConscious Magazine; Calligraphy by Jenna Kutcher; Hair Pieces by Esther Jean


  1. This is such a wonderful opportunity of connection for like-minded women within the fashion community. It is tremendous to recognize the shortcomings felt by all and create a tangible way to rectify those. I greatly hope to be a participant in the future! Thank you for sharing.

  2. I just teared up, this is so beautiful!!!! So excited for future events like this within the realm of fashion and beauty!!!

  3. It was such an honor to host this event + get to know the hearts of so many amazing women in the Fashion Industry! I can’t wait of the next one:)

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