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resting in the day to day
the dreams forgotten or left to remain
at rest
a thought a dream a word

the cool breeze of the fall sky though the open window of night
the cars sound, the alarms ring out
and here I lay

I think, I dream, I wake in the night
the day of the day of the day
the remains of yesterday fill my thoughts,
the torrent of tomorrow rises, cools, condenses in
a swirling of sky and moon and night and stars
a feather, or many feathers, caught in the current of the winds
that falls and flies far, far away
that comes back down, that rests then strays

I work when I think
I work as though it makes a difference, as though my

thoughts are as good as done
everything is open and at hand
the books on the shelves of my life that I pick and pluck down
and choose, shifting through page by page,
skipping some and pouring over others
read over and again, the pages worn and ripped and loved well

I let myself stare
things that don’t have time during the day,
they that have been set aside in bins and baskets
now spill open and across, spread out and stretch their cramped limbs

I look out and I see in
I plan and I hatch and I worry and I fear,
I pray

here I think and dream and they are the same
and then I let go

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