Thank you.

It doesn’t really matter how they’re delivered – it just matters that they are. In our rush to get to the next thing, don’t forget to express your appreciation. A barista once said he was so moved by the fact that a customer looked him in the eye to say thank you. They also dropped some change in the tip jar. He felt he was often invisible to the people looking to grab a quick cup’a Joe on their way to the office, and that the day someone stopped – to use those two simple words – he felt validated and as he said, human.

Thank you for the little things.
Thank you to those who are rarely thanked.
Thank you to a child who brings you a special surprise.
Thank you to the person who holds the door to the elevator, busses your table, or does your dry cleaning.
Thank you on parchment with a stamped envelope.
Thank you in a text.
Thank you via a single flower and scribbled note.
Thank you with your voice, looking straight in the eye.
Thank you to your parent, your sibling, your middle school coach.
Thank you as an antidote to selfishness and as a gateway to joy.
Thank you.

Who can you thank today?

Image via Kathryn McCrary



  1. Thank you for the reminder. I try so hard to model this for my kids. I want them to hear me say it not just in prompting them but in actual thanks to people throughout my day.

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