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Pampering your feet is one way to get those toes looking and feeling summer-ready. Since professional pedicures take time (and sometimes big bucks that we don’t always have), why not accomplish the same results with an at-home pedicure?

Here’s how:


Begin by removing old polish. In a wash basin of warm water, soak feet for about 10 minutes to clean and soften the skin and toenails–and to relax your tired toes! Use an orange stick to remove dirt from under nails.

Hint: Add Epsom salts to your foot bath, a splash of scented oil or try our homemade foot soak (recipe below).


Remove one foot at a time from the basin to exfoliate each foot, gently scrubbing away dry skin with a homemade salt scrub (try our suggested recipe below). Buff any calluses with pumice or callus stone. Afterwards, rinse both feet with clean (non-soapy) water.


Pat feet dry and massage cuticle oil (gently pushing back cuticles with an orange stick if needed). In an upward motion, slather a rich foot cream onto feet and legs or massage skin using your favorite natural oil. Our favorites are coconut oil, grapeseed oil or sweet almond oil.


Clip your nails and lightly file each. Remember to clip and file straight across—rounded shapes can lead to ingrown toenails.


Apply polish. A base coat will prevent nails from yellowing, and a top coat will offer strength and protect your polish. Let polish dry for at least two minutes between coats. And when all is done, be patient—put your feet up for 20 minutes to properly dry.

Now, for the recipes:

Image via Mira Bozhko


1/2 cup fine sea salt or Epsom salt
Basin of hot water

Boil water and add salt to dissolve. Once the water temperature is cooled down (warm to the finger) pour into foot basin and soak feet.

Note: Adding essential scented oils, such as lavender oil or eucalyptus essential oil will make this foot bath all the more soothing and pampering!


1 cup fine sea salt
1 cup sweet almond oil (or try coconut oil or olive oil as alternatives)
(optional) a few drops peppermint essential oil

Mix all ingredients together and use on skin as an exfoliating rub. (Store extra scrub mix in a sealed glass jar).

Note: Sea salt serves both to clean and heal our feet; it contains antibacterial and healing properties. A salt bath and scrub can additionally reduce inflammation and increase circulation.

Feature Image via Beth Cath



  1. I can only find dead sea salt in store. Wanted something now so i didnt have to wait for shipping. Meaning they are that bad lol. Im guessing its the same thing? Does it matter?

    1. Hi Ashley, yes I think that is a great option. Even table salt from the grocery store will do you wonders!

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