Do you make purchases to impress others or to reflect your own interests? Is it possible to practice contentment while also being stylish?

Artwork via Angela Duncan

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  1. I think this statement seems to be a no-brainer, but I am more guilty of “materialism” than I would like to admit! I have the privilege to work for an apparel and home ware company, and being surrounded by such beautiful, extraordinary clothes, accessories, shoes, and other items, I often covet “more” when, in reality, I have more than enough- at home, in my closet, and within. Working in retail with this mantra of “style apart from materialism,” I practice resisting the temptation to splurge on something new and instead, tap into my creativity in reinventing a piece I already have and wearing it in a fresh and novel way. I am constantly inspired by the women I work with to explore my personal style. The colleagues, friends, and icons whose style I admire most are not known for a certain brand, price point, or trend; instead, these men and women wear clothes in such a way that accentuates their personality, who they are as individuals. Instead of focusing on WHAT the person is wearing, I am drawn to learn more about WHO he or she is. And THAT is avant-garde style, darling!

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