Tuna melts my heart

The following is a story by Courtney Dasher, the owner of a sweet and special Chiweenie named Tuna who the world has grown to love. Tuna initially became an international sensation after he was featured on Reddit.com and Instagram’s personal account as a part of their #weeklyfluff. Then Mashable covered the story, referring to him as “Instagram’s Cutest Dog With An Overbite,” and from there, Tuna’s Instagram account (@tunameltsmyheart)—which is dedicated to featuring only photos of the pup—blew up and now boasts over 116,000 adoring followers. More than a social media success, though, Tuna’s story is one of friendship, redemption, and love. Read on to learn more about how Tuna and Courtney met and how his presence in her life has taught her about what really matters.

Tuna Melts Our Hearts | Darling Magazine

Two years ago my life changed because I fell in love with a dog. That may sound absurd if you’re not a dog lover, but he’s not your average dog. In fact, he is a dog that most people wouldn’t want because the general public would deem him to be unattractive. He has funny teeth that stick out, moles around his mouth, a crumpled chin and a neck that looks like it’s been soaking in a bathtub for days! I believe that he was discarded by his original owner because of his irregularities. I don’t think that they saw the beauty in him, so as a result, he was rejected. Fortunately for him (and me), his rescuer saw his potential and gave him a second chance at living.

That’s where I come in.

I met my dog at a local Farmer’s Market where he was being shown for adoption. Though my intentions that day were to only foster a puppy, there was something about this 4-month old pup that drew me to him. His rescuer said that he was thrown out and found on the side of a road near San Diego, which evidently traumatized him, because he would squirm on his belly when he attempted to walk. She called him Wormy as a result, which was probably great for his already high self-esteem (insert sarcasm). After he became mine, I changed his name to Mr. Burns since he and the Simpsons character shared a similar resemblance; an aggressive overbite and a shortened lower jawline dysfunction. His cartoonish looks warranted him the nickname Tooney and then that morphed into Tuna, which is now his official name.

After spending a week with Tuna, I made the decision to adopt him because I inherently knew that he was special. He was not only different physically, but his personality was so lovely and endearing. I had fallen in love with him and I wanted him to know how much he would be loved by me. Since he had such an impact on my life, I was confident that he would have a great effect on people. I knew that he would capture hearts and that it would be his purpose, but I also knew that he unfortunately would be ridiculed because of his congenial features. The common responses that I initially received about Tuna—and still get today—are that he’s “ugly.” That’s usually the first thing most people feel the need to say about him because they judge him by his looks, but if they knew his heart, they would find him to be so beautiful.

I believe that is true for most people, but unfortunately there are countless individuals who are wounded by hurtful words and harsh opinions because they are judged by their looks, and not by their hearts. I attribute this ridicule to society’s unrealistic emphasis on beauty. If you’re not “beautiful” by the world’s standards or have the perfect features or figure, then you are considered to be ugly. We have been programmed to believe these ridiculous lies about what beauty is, and consequentially, we project those false standards onto others, and even onto ourselves. When we feel the need to express our unwarranted opinions we are hurting people and it grieves me to think of the irreversible damage that it does. I can only imagine how many children, teenagers, young adults and adults alike are suffering because they feel undesirable, unwanted, unaccepted, disqualified, and alone.

If those are the results of rejection, then what can be done to restore those wounded hearts?

I charge you to start loving the seemingly unlovable by being mindful with your words and intentional with your actions. Make an effort to love others with greatness because it is more gratifying to honor someone than to tear them down.

People around the world are showing me what that looks like by the way they love Tuna through his Instagram account. I’ve been posting a daily picture of him for a year, and in that time he has garnered a following that adores him for his differences! I am overwhelmed by the impact that he is having on so many people. It appears that he is restoring hearts again by melting them, and when I read the comments that are uplifting, edifying and encouraging, my heart melts too!

I would never have imagined that a little unwanted dog could have this much of an impression on people, by bringing them so much joy and laughter; but then again, he is not your average dog.

Follow Tuna on Instagram at @tunameltsmyheart or on the web at www.tunameltsmyheart.com. If you have any drawings of Tuna, or any impersonations of him, please hashtag #tunameltsmyheart when you share it.

Tuna Melts Our Hearts | Darling Magazine

Tuna Melts Our Hearts | Darling Magazine

Tuna Melts Our Hearts | Darling Magazine

Tuna Melts Our Hearts | Darling Magazine

Tuna Melts Our Hearts | Darling Magazine

Tuna Melts Our Hearts | Darling Magazine

Tuna Melts Our Hearts | Darling Magazine

Tuna Melts Our Hearts | Darling Magazine

Tuna Melts Our Hearts | Darling Magazine



  1. Thank you so much for sharing this sweet, adorable pup with us! He’s absolutely precious beyond all words. As an animal advocate, and rescuer, I have a deep respect for you and your wonderful act of saving Tuna and giving him a wonderful life! He’s absolutely precious! I hope you come to Utah, I would love to meet him. Give him kisses and a belly rub for me! I love you, Tuna!!!!

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  4. I love Tuna!! He is the cutest dog EVER! (after my baby dog of course!)

    How could anyone think that face is anything but adorable?


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  6. My 14 year old son introduced Tunas Instagram page to my family. As major dog lovers, we have been following and enjoying Tunas pictures for a few months. Both of our dogs were rescues. And there is no better feeling than to see them warm with full bellies sleeping in our beds. I was interested to learn more about Darling Magazine. Not only is Tuna beautiful, but you as his owner are as well. And I have never even seen you. I will now be a Darling reader and I loved the mags description of women. Thank you for literally being a bright spot each day in our lives. When I see the daily #tunameltsmyheart I smile before I even see the picture. It’s the things like that which are most beautiful.

  7. He is so insanely precious and he truly does melt my heart like you wouldn’t believe! I LOVE him and I am so so happy that he finally has such a great forever home with someone who loves him so much and takes such good care of him:) And when I finally get a smartphone, his is the very first Instagram account I’ll be following:D All my love to you and thank you so much for sharing this wonderful little creature with us all:)

  8. My granddaughter introduced me to Tuna on Instagram and now I am happy to see him on Facebook also!
    I look forward to my daily dose of Tuna……he warms my heart and makes me smile.
    I love you Tuna!

  9. I have a small precious dog named Fred and I am told all the time he is ugly and I just don’t understand what they are seeing because I think he is beautiful! So when I first saw Tuna’s picture on Instagram I immedietly fell in love and thought he is just like my Fred…….you can see Tuna’s heart by looking into his eyes. Thank you so much for sharing him with us, it is such a pleasure to view his pictures!!

  10. Hi Tuna’s mom! I (and my whole family) are such huge Tuna fans. Someone who can make us laugh out loud 100% of the time they post is pretty special. Half of it is really your commentary, but we so love that little guy. I just posted a portrait I made of Tuna on my Instagram (@amandamoeckel). I was looking for subject matter for a new portrait style I’m doing, and I thought what better subject than him! I’d love to send you the original, if you’d like. (Although I imagine you have more Tuna-inspired art than you could ever know what to do with). Or I could maybe donate it to a fundraiser for the rescue group you got him from? Anyway, I had trouble finding a way to contact you, so I just figured I’d post here and message Tuna’s fb page. Thanks so much for brightening our lives and showing how special rescue dogs truly can be.

  11. Oh my gosh! I LOVE Tuna! He’s adorable and his eye’s are so sweet! ( I think he HATES the costumes though!) I’ve got two that I’ve blogged about as well, Jazzy and Bella (also rescue dogs) Oh I want to hug him!!!

  12. I loved Tuna at first sight which was less than 5 minutes ago when a friend shared your Instagram site. I had to know his story right away. I was so moved by your post. Aren’t dogs the greatest teachers? I’m so ecstatic that you and Tuna found one another. What a wonderful match. Kisses to Tuna!

  13. Honestly, the first time I saw Tuna, I thought he was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. I don’t think “Oh, he’s cute despite his imperfections” or “He’s lovable even though he isn’t beautiful.” No…I can truthfully say that from the moment I saw him (and didn’t even know his story yet), I fell in love with him. After hearing his story, I’m even more in love with him and thankful for the fact that he wound up with such a wonderful person and is able to live out his life as a very happy, loved and loving boy. I have two rescue dogs myself; a dachshund and a chiweenie, and I do volunteer work for a dachshund rescue. One of my greatest missions in life is to save every dog I possibly can and educate people on how important it is to adopt, not shop. There are millions of little “boys and girls” out there just like Tuna and my boys that only want love and a place to call home. They save our lives as much as we save theirs. Thanks for sharing your story. Tuna melts my heart every time I look at his picture.

  14. I think his is precious!!! You and he are so lucky to have found each other!! I hope others are as inspired by your story as I am. I will be following Tuna on Twitter so I can see how this precious pup is doing!!

  15. WE LOOOVE HIM! Are you in LA? We are having a special promo called Dog Days of Summer! We’d love to have him into our studio and we can share photos from his photo shoot! We love his imperfections! email me! XOXOX to Tuna!

  16. I love little Tuna and I agree, when I am feeling down my daughter always sends me an instagram of Tuna and it cheers me up every time. I love him and thank you for telling your story. I think he is beautiful.

  17. I think Tuna is the best… he always makes me smile. If someone around me is haven a bad day, I show them a pic of tuna. It makes them smile everytime. He is so cute, and knows it. U are so lucky to have found such an amazing little dude as tuna. This story is heart warming and makees me see things in a different light. Thank you..

  18. @tunameltsmyheart — wo you think you will ever make tshirts for puppies like you have available for their humans? because my little iggy Oliver would LOVE to sport a tshirt of his little friend Tuna! <3

  19. TUNA:

  20. Tuna your one of a kind. That’s what makes you so great. Take care of Courtney for she loves you so much. See ya later big guy.

  21. Hi Tuna,

    I want to ask you to please thank your human for sharing your awesomeoness with us. I had surgery yesterday – nothing major, just enough to give me a fairly big owie. Instead of sitting around moping and feeling bad, I decided to look at your photos because there’s no way anyone can feel bad when you’re on the screen. And thank you for being you. 🙂

    PS. If people tell you that you’re ugly, just remind them that you’re famous and they’re not. 🙂

  22. I cried while I am reading the story. He was very lucky to have you as his owner. I am a dog lover too and my heart really hurts when I am hearing or watching or reading this kind of stories about dogs,. I did not even touch him or see him in person but I can feel deep in my heart how beautiful and adorable he is. WE ALL LOVE YOU TUNA! AND WE WILL LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT! :))

  23. I have a chiweenie also and found Tuna when I Googled chiweenie one night. He makes me smile, as does my own, Precious. I am so glad someone found him and loves him. Breaks my heart when I hear about unloved animals.

  24. He is so adorable!!! Just looking at his pictures make my day brighter. The love you show/ have for this dog is so beautiful!

  25. The lesson is not to judge a book by it’s cover. There are so many creatures and people waiting to be included. Thanks Courtney for your dedication to us and Tuna. I think little animals are just angels among us.

  26. When I first came across Tuna’s instagram, I immediately fell in love. Every picture single picture makes me happy. When I’m in a bad mood I look at his pictures and it makes me smile. Tuna is a beautiful dog and this is a beautiful story. This article restored my faith in humanity. You are a beautiful person!

  27. My granddaughter introduced me to tuna melts my heart. Every day I can’t wait to see his photo for the day. He makes my heart smile daily. My dog Snappy (named by my grandson Dakota who found Snappy in the middle of the road on Thanksgiving day 2011. Dakota named her Snappy to rime with Mammy & Pappy (the names given to my husband and I by our grandchildren). I had been praying to God that I could get a puppy because my husband couldn’t face loosing another dog to heaven. We have always had a dog – Max a blue Great Dane, Sylvester a Dalmation, Budweiser a Saint Bernard, Peatie a wire haired mixed, Benjie a wire haired mixed, Cootie Brown BoxMation, Little Girl with 1/2 face black other 1/2 white with black spots (my son owned a Boxer Nyla that he bread with another Boxer but when the puppies were born they came out 1/2 Boxer 1/2 Dalmation thus Box Mations – smile Sylvester was a proud Daddy Dalmation. When my little dog Snappy was found I shed alot of tears because my husband said we couldn’t keep her but after she had been in the house all day Thanksgiving and I had cried because I told my husband she was an answer to my prayers he gave in and let me keep her……Smile. Tell Tuna that Snappy and I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing Tuna with us. Yall have a blessed day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Hi im jordan salazar my insta gram is @jordan_rachel_tomlinson i would just like to say thank you for saving tuna he is so georgous i love him!!!!!!he always reminds me of my dachshund dalilah she looks the same but longer and no over bite. i think my dog is in love with tuna when ever i look at his insta gram she goes over and pats the screen as if to wish to play…i love tuuna tell him we support him

  29. Courtney, you are a wonderful person and Tuna is a true diamond in the rough! I follow Tuna on Instagram and have a mixed breed dog with a strong underbite. I’ve heard the same criticisms–“she PAID for that dog?” But truly, he has been the sweetest addition to my life. Tuna’s comical expressions and sweet nature are much more valuable than any 4-figure purebred.

  30. The Daily Tuna-gram is the highlight of my day. His sweet face absolutely makes my heart sing!

  31. We LOVE tuna! He’s gorgeous…when we see his photos it cheers us up at work!!!

  32. My daughter showed me Tuna, and the first time I saw him I said, “He looks like Mr. Burns.” She disagreed. She thinks he looks like Moe.

  33. Oh i just love this little sweetie!! I fell in love with Tuna on instagram and can’t get enough of the sweet thing. I so admire your heart and kindness in taking him in and I love even more the lessons derived from it. I can tell in his pics he has a great personality and the faces!! I just can’t get enough. Thank you for sharing your story. You inspire me.

  34. This made me tear up! Tuna is such a blessing and i love looking at his pictures everyday! He brings joy to everyones heart and makes a bad day better!

  35. tuna is so awsome… but you are more
    makes me happy that there are people like you in the world 🙂

  36. I think Tuna is a cutie pie ! I have 2 wiener dogs.. One was the runt who had major issues and would have died had we not chosen him, the other has such a bad over bite that he turns into a little piggy when he eats as it is hard for him the pick up his food. Our Italian Greyhound was abandoned and had been living at a vet’s office for about 6 months. She now battles cancer and is missing some of her hair, some of her teeth have fallen out BUT other than that she sure is happy to be alive !

    Lesson learned : Never judge a book by its cover. I am thoroughly in love with all 3 of our little misfits. We adore them for their redeeming qualities and they love us for loving them as much as we do ! I can’t imagine not having the 3 little dogs we have.

    I will ALWAYS adopt any pets we take in ~ I believe that the dogs, cats, birds, horses, and any other animal that has been rescued understands that their forever home is full of love and they KNOW that YOU saved them. It is a love like no other.

    Thank you for starting such a wonderful blog and picture story !

  37. I think he’s adorable. I wanna kiss his sweet little face and let him sleep in my bed, OMG. I LOVE HIM <3

  38. What a fantastically special dog! I have no idea how
    I happened upon his Instagram, but it led me to this
    article – which is a story I think we all need to read
    and read over from time to time! Tuna is a reminder
    to us all that we are all special in some way, not
    necessarily that it’s something you can see, but that
    you sense or feel. And it’s true that when you take
    a moment to give/love/share without expectation,
    we can start to change the outlook we have on one
    another and ourselves. This message has been a
    topic for year, but it seems to take a sweet little
    dog named Tuna to bring that message home. I’m
    happy Courtney and Tuna found each other and
    to tell of their story and share in a bunch of melting


  40. Tuna is beautiful. So beautiful. Just straight to the heart he goes. I want to give him a big hug. Bless you.

  41. He is the cutest little thing ever! Bless your heart for taking him in. I’m curious, because of his over bite, does he have any special feeding needs?

  42. OMG….Could Tuna be any cuter??!! His pictures make me smile and brighten my day! I just about spit out my coffee on my keyboard when I saw Tuna with his friend, Nacho, because I have Nacho as well! Tuna, you are adorable, inside and out, and I wish you and your Mama a very happy life!

  43. Tuna is a beautiful loving little dog. People need to learn to accept their own outward appearances before they can see past others. I just saw him on the Today Show. He and his owner are truly remarkable souls.

  44. I think its shameful anyone would breed a mixed breed with such a severe overbite like this. Totally unfair to the dog I bet if he doesn’t have issues eating now he will in the future.

  45. Tuna you are the most beautiful little soul..You are not ugly, you are unique and that’s what make us all special, human or animals…

  46. I was wanting to send a photo to the owner of tuna of some “tuna artwork” I have created, I do not use insagram so I was wondering if some on in your office may be able to pass along some contact details. Thank you.

  47. What a beautiful story of love and the choice you made to take responsibility for this precious little dog. Thank you so much for sharing this story and for sharing Tuna with us. I am a devoted Instagram follower and for some reason, Tuna’s pictures bring out all the emotion in me. I often smile joyfully at his sweet pictures but have also been brought to tears in the realization that not everyone would be evolved enough to love and care for a “less than perfect” animal the way you care for Tuna. Thank you for your utter devotion to him, for modeling how all animals should be cared for, and for your deep sense of gratitude that he has come into your life.

  48. I love your story Tuna and I love you! I saw you on Instagram and loved you spot on! Your story is much like our two rescues. They are my heart. I love your pictures, keep them coming! Big hugs and kisses sent your way.

  49. This story is simply beautiful. 16 years ago I took my toddlers to find a new friend at a pet store, yikes, yep a pet store! I found that my daughter was completely terrified of ALL the cute and hyper puppies. She pressed her little body as far into the wall as she could and made twisted her face into what translated into utter fear. After several puppy showings, my little girl didn’t show any signs of easing up around the little balls of fur. I was disheartened because I had really wanted my kids to make a friend for life through their pet. So, I gathered them up and decided to leave the store. Midway out, my son who was around four at the time, tugged on my jacket and said, “Mommy, that sad dog keeps looking at me.” I turned around to see this strange beady eyed rat looking dog sitting in a pen. He wasn’t a puppy and he just sat there staring at my son like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. We approached the pen. He didn’t move or adjust his sad gaze. My daughter pressed her hands to the pen and he came over, head hanging low and greeted her without touching her. I found out he was being sold for $100 dollars (for a pet store, astronomically cheap!) because he wasn’t a full bread terrier and had a “terrible coat pattern.” What?! Was my exact thought. Who would NOT buy a dog because of his coat pattern? Needless to say, Bentley came home with us that very day and never had I seen my now grown children cry so hard and for so long as they did when he passed away. Even now a year later, we all get misty eyed when looking at family photo’s that contain pictures of that not so beautiful, endearing family friend. When I found Tuna on Instagram, I was instantly reminded of our Bentley and find myself checking everyday for his sweet little face and smile. What you give to tuna and what he gives to everyone else, is what Bentley gave my children at such a young age and has always stayed with them, compassion.

  50. How could anyone not love this precious dog? Thank you Courtney for the love you give him!

  51. You have no idea how much I want to smother that damn dog’s snout in keeses. Millions of adoring keeses. Tuna, you are beyond beautiful. Heart melted.

  52. Tuna, you absolutely make me smile, when nothing else is. I didn’t even have to read this, to know by looking in your eyes, that you are most likely, the most kindest, gentlest, dog to ever have been. Love you so much Tuna!! P.S. – you are stunning in your bowtie!!

  53. TUNA YOU are BEAUTIFUL!! I am so thankful that you found an angel who walks among us to take you home and give you the life you deserve!! You are a beautiful reminder to all of us ….to never look away but to always look closer at the miracle of life that is in front of us wrapped in all different kinds of packages!!!!

  54. Tuna truly melts my heart. Everyday I check my instagram, he puts a smile on my face. Tuna is so special. I love him sooooooo much!!!! <3

  55. Thank you Good.There are people who really is “human”!! Tuna is a little creature who has the big luck to have been found and loved by a humanbeing,I am just so sorry for all those others cats,dogs,birds and so on who never will experience unconditionally love!!

  56. Tuna is so cute!!! and he is so very lucky that someone like you found him and loving him unconditionally! And I thank you for loving him also. I have very soft heart with dogs.. I myself found my dog last year on top of the roof.. Someone left her there over night on winter cold night.. N to this day I love her like my own kids… I named her “Roofa” n she’s also a chihuahua… There should be more people like Us out there who will love dogs n not abuse them.. I love looking at your picture Tuna… U make me smile!!! You’re adorable, cute, sweet!!!!! Wish U all the Best!

  57. Tuna definitely makes my heart melt! My daughter just loves all his pictures and every day she asks if we could meet Tuna 🙂 she laughs and calls him “guapo” which means handsome in Spanish… I love that she sees him as being handsome because so do I

  58. Tuna is a small reflection of the truly amazing woman who adopted him! Courtney has a way of making every person (and apparently animals) she comes in contact with feel special. As you can see by her comments and pictures she is also witty and and pretty darn funny. Court, I think it is the woman behind the dog who is melting hearts!

  59. I have to admit that when I first saw Tuna’s picture, I commented that he was the ugliest dog I’ve ever seen. I’m ashamed to have said it. But I have grown to love that little guy & now when I show him to someone & they comment about how ugly he is, I now find myself defending him. He is not ugly. He is just different but so are each of us. We are all different & that’s what makes us unique. I only hope one day I can adopt a dog as special as Tuna is.

  60. He’s adorable and part of my daily Instagram view. I too adopted a little Chi that no one wanted and disgarded with no care for how she would fend. She has become a natural part of our family and everyday makes us laugh with her yodeling and general weirdness. Everyone needs hope and help. Including these animals that want nothing more than a safe place and a warm lap. Adopt a pet, save a life. It could be your own.

  61. The first time I saw Tuna, on my tumblr feed, my heart melted! I’m a sucker for the overbite. He’s a long lost Simpsons character.
    Here’s my own “ugly” dog story:
    My parents own a three legged lab mix who is currently “on her last leg” physically. She has cancer all over her body and her shoulder for her good front leg has expanded to a “Quasimodo” propportion. Whenever we arrive to visit, both of my kids run to her & love on her. More proof that true love doesn’t care about the outside.
    Thanks to little Tuna for teaching us through something as trivial as instagram! 🙂

  62. This is my first time “meeting” Tuna, and I already love him too! You’re so lucky that you found each other 🙂 Our dogs are both rescues, and we’ve been fostering dogs for a local breed rescue for about 6 months. It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done 🙂

  63. I am so in love with Tuna and I his daily photo truly brightens my day. I am a pet photographer and desperately wish I was closer so that I could photograph him. There’s a chance we may travel to CA later this year and if I do, please consider a courtesy photo shoot!

  64. I also have a chiweenie with same special features; although his upper jaw deformity isn’t as extreme as Tuna’s. His name is Ollie and I love him more than anything!!!!! He won 1st place in a contest at my work: A Face Only A Mother Could Love… true story.

    Love you, Tuna!!!! You are beautiful!!!!

  65. This story is so sweeeeet! Not only is Tuna the most beautimous dog in the world, he’s quite the inspiring little one, and has such a loving mom! He definitely melts my heart daily, you are both very lucky 🙂

  66. I love stories like this one, I also adopted two dogs which were abandoned at the side of the road. Their gratitude and unconditional love always makes me smile. Tuna is extremely loved by his owner and followers and this gives me joy and hope for other innocent animals.

  67. As a loyal Instagram follower of Tuna, I was so excited to see a story about him! I’ve been wanting to learn more about how you came to adopt him. I’m trying not to cry, but it is hard not to when reading that someone else didn’t want him. Now, I see that is for the best because you were really meant to be his guardian and best friend! We love Tuna!

  68. I follow Tuna on Instagram..and everyday I look for a photo of him as he is the most beautiful doggie..and he always makes me smile. ? Now that I know even more of his story I love Tuna even more. What a beautiful dog and Courtney is very lucky to have come across Tuna ..as he needed someone special to see what a lovely dog he was…and I am glad that they found each other…and I am grateful that I have had the privilege of having Tuna enter my life with his darling little smile everyday on Instagram! Hugs and Kisses Tuna!

  69. Oh, sweet little Tuna! I’ve loved him from the moment I first heard his story, and am so glad we could feature him here on Darling Online. I love what an example he is of the reality that our appearance doesn’t dictate our value. I hope his story inspires readers to adopt their puppies in the future!

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