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Every morning I willingly and blissfully awake to soothing yet soulful sounds of Ryan Edgar in the background. With my bright white smile, skin clearer than any model after Photoshop editing, and a body Heidi Klum would even be jealous of, I reach to my right and grab my freshly made white chocolate mocha with extra whip from Starbucks, delivered to my bed-side by the man of my dreams just because it’s Thursday. Right now, you’re probably jealous—I hope so. Nevertheless, since this is all a lie, you can save that self-pity for another time.

The truth is, my day actually begins a little bit like this: After hitting the snooze button on all eleven of my alarms, half asleep, I stumble into the bathroom. I stand in the mirror brushing my teeth wondering why I have two pimples on my forehead today that definitely weren’t there yesterday. I get dressed, lace up my running shoes, and head to gym. There,

I wage war on everything that’s in the way of the six pack that I’ve yet to see, while checking out all of the guys there who have no more muscle to gain, and laughing at the women wearing full face of make up. After fighting that downhill battle, I head home, shower, reply to emails, write out my errands for the day, and head to work. Glamorous, right? Yeah right.

We all have our fantasies of what we wish our lives to be. Nevertheless, for most of us that’s simply just not what our lives consist of. We get caught up in the mundane of our daily schedules, forgetting that we too deserve that perfect day we dream of each time we open eyes. Of course work, cleaning, helping the kids with their homework, and school all have their place, but so does you enjoying every single day of your purposed life. A lot of women today feel as if they have something to prove. They feel like they have to show the world that they can run a Fortune 500 company, cook dinner, make every dance recital and spend quality time with their husbands without losing their lovin’ minds.

But may I suggest to you that you have nothing to prove? May I dare to say that you have already proven your point through your existence and through the impact of the smile you gave to that person having a rough day? May I propose to you that just as important as your career is your bliss? May I appeal to the guilt raging within you right now that your fantasy isn’t a fantasy at all? What you perceive to be a waste of time is the life, the smiles, and the happiness you’re choosing to neglect by cluttering your day—every day—with a thousand “to dos.”

So, I propose this one thing: Treat. Yo. Self.

It’s not just a funny phrase heard on television, it’s a command. Take time today and do what you love. Go hiking, read a book, dance in your underwear to your favorite album, eat a tub of ice cream, see a movie with your man, spend too much money on a pair of shoes, go on that vacation you’ve always dreamed of, cuddle and watch a chick flick with your best friends; just DO SOMETHING that makes you happy.

Take a moment, thirty minutes, a day—or even a week—and do the thing you’ve always wanted. Forget about the everlasting checklist the world is calling you to and just enjoy the life you’ve been given. You weren’t created to just work your way through life. You were created to enjoy it and be enjoyed. God delights in us living our lives on purpose and with a smile.

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  1. This fits perfectly into my word for you year. Present! As to be more present in all I do not just going through the motions and bring present in every moment.

  2. Just found your site. Spending the afternoon lost in your posts! This is fantastic — so glad I found it. I’ll be back often.

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