We’re always looking to learn from women in dynamic leadership roles and Logan Rich Chabina fits that bill. She’s the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer in charge of the events, marketing and public relations divisions at EMM Group, one of New York’s most successful and multi-faceted hospitality management companies.

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EMM Group recently opened Catch in LA, a rooftop restaurant that is one of the company’s most successful to date. If you follow the LA food scene, you’ve no doubt heard of Catch’s dreamy indoor/outdoor space that’s like walking into an organic garden wonderland. Here you can feast until midnight (or happy hour, if you prefer) under exposed beams, fantastical hanging planters and with views of the city all around.

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But back to Logan. She’s had over 11 years of experience in events, traditional and digital marketing, as well as hospitality brand development. Since joining EMM Group as the company’s first employee in 2006, Logan leads with her team to truly do it all from product development to enhancing menus and procedures of service, to overseeing customer acquisition and retention, even the corporate website and social media channels. We wanted to get her advice on how to get into the business — any business, really — since her breadth of experience lends to all fields and levels.

Here’s a bit more on what Logan has to say:

Darling Magazine: The hospitality and events industry is so alluring and exciting, but seems almost impossible to get a foot in. Do you have any advice for getting started?

Logan: This is not “restaurant” specific, but be aggressive and be willing to work. Hard. Being green can be a good thing if you’re smart, energetic and eager to hit the ground running with a positive attitude.

DM: What have you learned through working with Catch, specifically?

Logan: Catch has given me the opportunity to play a critical role in the creation and maintenance of a living, breathing organism; the result of which is something I am truly proud of every day.  I am extremely fortunate that my job allows me to tap into both the organizational and creative sides of my personality, utilizing my strongest skills to create positive change that propels the business forward on a variety of levels.  No two days are exactly the same in our world and that keeps me excited to come to work every day.

Having worked with Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum [Catch’s founders] since EMM Group’s inception over 10 years ago, I can attest that they are two extremely driven, accomplished individuals who really know how to fight for what they believe in. Each of us brings something entirely unique to the table and their “ying/yang” dynamic is at the heart of many thorough discussions that collectively net out to the best possible result.

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DM: Speak to what it’s like for a woman in your field. Have there been any unique challenges?

Logan: Hospitality is an interesting field. In my experience, strong leadership ultimately transcends gender boundaries. Confidence and competence, combined with a relentless pursuit of growth, are absolutely necessary to set yourself apart in a dynamic environment. I find that leading by example and letting your work speak for itself is one of the most powerful things you can do. If done correctly, you will be respected for your efforts – regardless of your gender.

I find that leading by example and letting your work speak for itself is one of the most powerful things you can do.

DM: What would you say to a young graduate just starting out, regardless of field?

Logan: I’ve always subscribed to a few small mantras that I believe have had a significant impact on my career.  I’ll discuss two of these here:

First, it’s just as important to know what you don’t want to do as it is to know what you do want to do. In other words, get to work. Figuring out what you 100% do not want to spend your career doing can often lead you to identify the inspired moments that allow you to find the right path and, ultimately, lead to a fulfilling career.

Second, nothing happens to you sitting at home. Jobs and relationships that lead to employment don’t fall out of the sky and into your living room while you’re watching TV. Push yourself to participate in all aspects of life and, if you’re paying attention, you just might find yourself in a position to create opportunities that may not have otherwise existed.

Images via Catch LA  & Featured Image via Maddie Greer

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  1. Wow, I Really appreciate and love this article! I have been in the hospitality/events industry for 3 years, so it’s really cool to hear from someone who has moved up the ladder! Would have loved to know how Logan first got started or get her foot in the door and if she had industry specific training or just worked her way up! great article Darling team !

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