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Life is busy, isn’t it? As women there is pressure to spin hundreds of plates at a time … never dropping one and spinning in style. Not only do we feel pressure from around us but much of it comes from it within. We care deeply about the things that we do, not wanting to give up one passion, responsibility or area of influence.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some help?

Well, thanks to technology and our brilliant (although sometimes distracting) smart phones, help is right at our fingertips. Here are some time-maximizing apps that have given me an extra hand as I spin efficiently and with style…

1. Reminders
When I started my new job, I couldn’t sleep for weeks. There were names to remember and forms to fill out, responsibilities to take care of and emails to answer. All seemed equally important and all seemed equally as likely to slip away if I let my mind relax for even a moment. I made sticky notes and scribbled reminders on the back of my hands. I bought planners and made lists but nothing ever seemed to help.

There are tons of “reminders” apps, but I use the one provided on all Apple products. No matter your preference, it’s a great way to keep track of all of the moving parts, ensuring that not one plate gets dropped.

2. Evernote
Along the same lines, documents are incredibly hard for me to keep organized. I began using Evernote at the beginning of this year and it has become a staple. It’s an app that stores documents of all kinds, allowing you to sort them into notebooks that are as easy to search as your email. The best part is that it can sync with your phone or tablet, making sure you’re never without the information you need.

3. Mint.com
If you’re anything like me, budgeting isn’t your strong suit. Mint is a great way to compile all of your accounts, and an even better way to set some boundaries for how much you want to spend in each area of your life. It will remind you when your account is getting low or when bills need to be paid. It will also send you a friendly reminder when you’ve gone overboard buying shoes.

4. 30/30
Distraction is our biggest efficiency killer. Our days are full of emails and messages and interruptions of all kinds- leaving us unproductive and frustrated as our to-do list grows. 30/30 helps you budget and organize your time. 30 minutes to answer emails? An alarm will go off when your time is up, signaling you to move on. It’s kind of like having your mom around to keep you on task: “time to move on or you’ll never get it done!” Thanks mom!

5. Sleep Cycle
Sleep seems to be the hardest thing to come by these days, and is the first thing to go when life gets busy. It’s also rudely interrupted when our alarms go off—way too early and when we’re in the deepest sleep. Sleep cycle is an app that tracks your sleep, helping you learn habits and patterns that will maximize your rest. It also wakes you up when it senses that you’re already the most awake, allowing your body to be fresh and ready for the day.

These apps help me spin my most important plates with ease and style. They keep me on track and organized, not forgetting a thing. However, the most efficient app doesn’t require technology at all—it’s the art of prioritization.

Allow yourself some time to separate what’s important from what’s not, helping you make sure that your time is devoted to the things that really matter.

Now go rest, you busy girl you—you deserve it.

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  1. Love this! I use a lot of these apps already and 100% agree—they make life so much easier!

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