A Note From The Editor: Ever wish you could be one of those vintage shoppers who manages to turn nothing into … something? We hear you, and that’s why we’re beginning a new series,Thrifted Genius! We’ve partnered with DIY queen Miss Kris to present how you can easily turn thrift store scores into beautiful adornments for your studio, apartment, home, dorm and more!


Transforming a vintage glass decanter into a chic lamp can be accomplished in just a few easy steps.

Glass Decanter Lamp DIY
You’ll Need:
Thrifted Glass Decanter
Lamp Shade
Cork Lighting Kit (available here
Light Bulb

Photo 1

First, locate a glass decanter from your local thrift store and thoroughly clean it.
Photo 2
Photo 3

Remove the top of your decanter and insert the cork lighting kit. (TIP: If the cork is too big for the opening of your decanter, carefully use a knife to trim the cork to size) 

Photo 4

Add your light bulb and lampshade. It’s that simple!

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Images via Kristen Turner



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