A Note From The Editor: Ever wish you could be one of those vintage shoppers who manages to turn nothing into … something? We hear you, and that’s why we’re beginning a new series, Thrifted Genius! We’ve partnered with DIY queen Miss Kris to present how you can easily turn thrift store scores into beautiful adornments for your studio, apartment, home, dorm and more!

Photo 1

A custom piece of art is the perfect way to personalize your space. In a few simple steps, it’s easy to transform a vintage serving tray into special piece of art.

Chalkboard Serving Tray DIY
You’ll Need:
A Vintage Serving Tray
Chalkboard Paint

Photo 2

Make sure the surface of your serving tray is clean. Then, using a brush apply one coat of the chalkboard paint.

Photo 3

Allow time for your paint to dry and apply a second coat.

Photo 4

Once your tray is dry, use chalk to personalize your message.

Photo 5

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Images via Kristen Turner; Chalk art by Kasey Jones, Ink.


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